Why do Dogs Smell Your Crotch

Why do Dogs Smell Your Crotch

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Dogs are very smart animals and this is perhaps one reason they can relate perfectly with humans. Well, regardless of how smart dogs are and how much you can get them to do, they still are not as smart as humans. Due to this, dogs are known to exhibit some behaviours that could be considered as anti-social. One of these behaviours is sniffing humans. While this behaviour in itself is bad, even worse is the fact that dogs are known to sniff people’s crotch.

A good number of dog owners are used to the fact that dogs smell people’s crotches. However, what lots of people are not sure of is why dogs smell people’s crotches.

Before getting to find out why dogs smell people’ crotches, it is important to know that there is a lot a dog can find out by simply using its nose. In a dog’s nose are up to 300 million scents sensors. This is a lot more than the number of sensors in the nose of an average human. This means there is a lot dogs can do with their nose that humans are not capable of doing. Due to the number of sensors in a dog’s nose,  it would make attempts at using its nose in ways that people will almost never understand. One of these ways is by smelling people’s crotches.

Well, if you are interested in finding out why dogs smell your crotch, you are on the right page.

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Why Can’t Dogs Stop Smelling Human Crotches?

When looked at on the surface, one would say dogs smell the crotch of humans because of how sensitive their noses are. This is true. However, it is just a part of the entire truth. Some factors that are responsible for this attitude of dogs are the presence of the apocrine and sweat glands. These apocrine, as well as the s sweat glands, are known to release pheromones. These pheromones come in handy in passing out several details about people. Some of the details that they pass out are mood, sex, the ability to mate, and age. The average mammal has apocrine glands and humans are not left out.

While the average human has apocrine glands on various parts of their body, these glands are packed around the genitals and armpit. Now, technically, dogs are unable to smell the armpit of humans for obvious reasons. So, they really have no choice but to smell the crotch that houses the genitals when trying to get information about a human.

What Details do Dogs Derive When they Smell People’s Crotches?

Dogs can smell the crotch of virtually everyone. However, there are certain people that will most likely attract a dog towards their crotch. These set of people must have just had a baby, be menstruating, or must have just engaged in sexual intercourse.

The reason for these is the set of people mentioned above have an increased level of pheromones being released. When people have just given birth or are menstruating, they usually give out a smell that is different from what an individual that has never had a baby would give out. So, a lot of times, a dog might smell the crotch of these sets of people because it is trying to find out why they have a different smell.

Is It Possible to Keep Your Fog Away from the Crotch of Visitors?

The average dog owner might seem comfortable with dogs smelling people’s crotches. Regardless of how comfortable they might be, this is an action that is generally embarrassing. It is even more embarrassing to strangers and if you want to be a good host, then, you migt be interested in keeping your dog far from the crotch of your guest.

Dogs might smell the crotch of your guests all in an attempt to say ‘hi’. However, this is a move that a good number of your guests will never be comfortable with.

One way to stop your dog from sniffing the crotch of your guests is to ensure that they offer their palms to your dog to smell when they make their way to your house. When they do this, your dog is left with no choice but to focus on their hands instead of going for their crotch. To make this move as smooth as possible, teach your dog to always sit when a guest enters the house. With this, issues of it walking up to a visitor to smell their crotch migt never come up.

Should you punish you Dog if It Smells People’s Crotches?

No, punishing your dog after it smells people’s crotches is not the way to go. A lot of dog owners make the mistake of punishing their dog for smelling people’s crotch. While it appears this will work in the short run, it is really not as effective as you might want it to be.

Instead of always punishing your dog for smelling people’s crotch, you should teach it what you want it to do. Since a lot of people would prefer a dog smelling their hands instead of crotch, you should teach your dog to smell your hand. When it gets used to doing this, over time, it will stop smelling people’s crotch. It would go for their hand rather.

Getting your dog to learn to smell your palms instead of your crotch might not be very easy. However, if you follow the right steps, you will be able to get this done.

Step One

When looking to get your dog to smell your hand instead of your crotch, open your palm, and position it in a way that your fingers are pointed sideways.

Step Two

With your palm properly positioned.  Give your dog the freedom to make a move. It is important that your hand is about two feet from your dog.

When you do this the first time, your dog might not move because it is really not sure what to do.  You might have to try this several times before your dog gets comfortable with sniffing your hands. If after a while, your dog still does not understand the sign you are giving it, you should hold a treat in your hand and give it the treat after it smells your hand.

Step Three

Each time your dog successfully touches your hand, you should say ‘yes’.  This affirmation helps your dog know it is a behaviour that you are comfortable with.


Dogs smell your crotch because their instinct tells them to do so. This means if you want to stop your dog from smelling your crotch, you will need to be really patient as this will take time.

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