Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You

Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You

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Dogs have sleeping habits and some of these habits can actually make you feel quite uncomfortable. If you have a dog that is associated with strange habits, you might be used to these habits and might not be bothered by them.

Well, regardless of the fact that you might not be bothered by your dog’s strange habits, you might want to understand why they do the things they do. If you are keen on finding out why dogs sleep with their bum facing you, you are on the right page. Let’s find out why this is done.

They Might be Reacting to Something you Have Done

You might not be comfortable with your dog sleeping in a position that makes its bum face you. Nonetheless, your dog might keep sleeping that way because you might have done a thing or two to encourage this behavior. There are quite some things you can do to make your dog keep sleeping with its bum facing you, one of them is scratching its bum each time it is faced towards you. When you do this, you can be certain that your dog will keep facing its bum towards you each time it goes to sleep.

What is the reason for this?

If you keep rubbing your dog’s bum each time it is facing you, then, it will assume that it will get more affection each time it faces its bum towards you.

It Does Not Want to be Disturbed

Sometimes dogs sleep just like humans. They sleep with their face directly in front of their owner. This can lead to some form of contact which they are comfortable with.  However, there are times that your dog might not want to get disturbed in the slightest way. So, when it feels this way, it might avoid facing you. It might simply sleep in a way that keeps its bum in your face.

A lot of times a dog might not want to get disturbed if they were very busy through the day and has had all its energy drained. Your dog most likely assumes it will be able to sleep without any interruptions if it positions its bum in front of you. This is simply its way of telling you “I’m not available”.

It Feels safe

Dogs are interested in being safe in very much the same way as humans. So, as soon as it discovers a position that keeps it safe while sleeping, then, it will most likely maintain such position for a long time.

Dogs are generally very conscious of security. This means they just might not want to stay in an environment that makes them feel unsafe. Before sleeping, a dog will need to ensure that there is no threat around.

If your dog keeps sleeping with its bum facing you, you can assume that it is completely safe. You have to bear in mind that a dog’s bum is a very vulnerable part of its body and if it is able to sleep with a vulnerable part of its body facing you, then, it simply feels very safe with you.

It is Putting a Mark on You

Dogs are territorial. In addition to being territorial, they are also very possessive. One way to show that they possess you is by sleeping with their bum facing you. Now, if you have no idea how dogs act and what their actions mean, there might be really no link between your dog sleeping with its bum facing you and it trying to put a mark on you. On the other hand, if you have a good understanding of their various attributes and what they mean when they act, then you can have a link between your dog’s action and it trying to put its mark on you.

Dogs have their personal scents on their bum. This is one reason they smell each other’s bums. When a dog smells the bum of another dog, it gets to find out if they have met in the past. So, when a dog sleeps with its bum in your front, it is trying to put is mark on you. This means you are their human just as they are your dog.

It is Avoiding Eye Contact

Humans sometimes like to get really close to their pets in a way that can be described as intimate. Sometimes they want to stare at and also hug their pets. Some dogs are comfortable with this. However, some dogs can be quite shy and might not be comfortable with having their owner look them in the face. If you have a dog that is quite timid and has not been around you for a long time, it might not be comfortable sleeping and facing you at the same time. This means it might sleep with its bum facing you.

While the fact that a dog is not used to being around you can make it struggle to look you in the face, if a dog has just come from a shelter or has gone through some traumatic experiences, it might struggle to look its owner in the face. This could make it sleep with its bum facing you.

It’s a Form of Protection

Dogs are very keen on protecting their masters. This is in addition to their traits of being very loyal. When you give your dog the attention it deserves and are generally good to it, it works towards repaying this kindness. One way it does this is by being protective.

Dogs always have the safety of their masters in mind even as they fall asleep. One way they show this is by sleeping in a position that keeps their bum in front of their maser. This action is one that they carry out when the bed seems close to the room’s entrance.

Furthermore, if your dog sleeps with its bum facing you, then, you can be certain that it is not threatened by you and this is a very good sign.


If you are comfortable with your dog sleeping with its bum facing you, then, you do not have to do anything about it. However, if it is something that you are comfortable with, then, you just might have to stop it from sleeping that way.

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