Why Do Dogs Circle before They Poop? – Find Out Here

Why Do Dogs Circle before They Poop? – Find Out Here

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Virtually everyone that has owned a dog for a while is aware that dogs seem to have a bathroom routine. In just the very way as the average person will wash their hands after visiting the restroom and also wash their hands after eating, dogs will not just poop.  Before going on to the poop, they are known to carry out a circular motion.

This circular motion is definitely not new to dog owners. However, what a lot of people do not know and are keen on finding out is why dogs always carry out a circular motion before going on to poop.

There are various assumptions about why dogs circle before pooping. Regardless of this, not many of them are right. Well, if you are interested in finding out why dogs will always move through a circle, you are on the right page.

Below are some reasons dogs carry out a circular moon before pooping;

They do so to align with the Earth’s Magnetic Field

The theory that dogs make attempts at aligning g with the earth’s magnetic field might not seem like anything to go by.  However, it is backed up by research. According to a series of studies, dogs have a strong connection with the earth’s magnetic field’s vibrations. Based on these may study, dogs seem a lot more comfortable passing out poop when they have oriented the north-south axis. Dogs might seem like the only animals that do this. However, they are not the only animals that practise this when they want to poop. They just are the ones noticed because they are associated very closely with humans. Other animals with this practice are foxes, deer, and cattle.

They Turn around to Mark Territory

Dogs have a reputation for marking territory.  One way they do this is by letting their personal scent sit in an area. This could be by dropping poop or by peeing in an area. This attitude of dogs might seem out of place. However, it is perfectly normal. It works perfectly because the average dog gets to find out about another dog through its smell. The implication of this is dogs are dropping a message by pooping in the grass.

While a popular way for dogs to mark their territory s by dropping a poop, it is not the only way dogs are known to mark territory.  A dog’s toes have scent glands that can also be used in marking territory. So, when they turn around and stump the grass before pooping, they are simply letting other dogs know that they were in the area.

Dogs Move around Before Pooping in an Attempt to Keep the Grass Low

A lot of dogs that we come across now are domesticated. So, they just might not have any grass to stomp on as the grasses around them are well mowed. Well, dogs in the wild have to step on the grass to get them stomped before pooping and this is perfectly instinctive.

Domesticated dogs might not have any grass to stomp on before pooping. Regardless of this, they will always stomp their feet before pooping as this action is perfectly instinctive. Now, dogs will not just stomp on the grass, they move around in circles while at this.

Dogs Stump on the Grass to Scare of Other Creatures

Unlike humans that might not give a lot of attention to where they poop, dogs sometimes consider their pooping area to be as important as where they sleep. So, they love to feel perfectly safe when pooping. Going by this, dogs tend to stomp over the area where they want to poop in an attempt to scare off snakes, scorpions, and other animals that could be hiding.

This might not make a lot of sense to humans. However, when dogs poop, they are usually at their vulnerable state. So, to ensure that they do not get into any trouble, they tend to want to clear up the area properly.

Do All Dogs Turn Around before Pooping?

The fact that dogs move in circles before pooping is very popular among dog owners. However, not everyone has seen this with their dog. This has made some people wonder if absolutely every dog gets to turn in a circle before pooping or just a handful of dogs do so.

Well, this behaviour might be popular among dogs. However, you have to note that not every dog does it. Nonetheless, a good number of dogs practise it.

Should Dog Owners Keep Their Dogs from Spinning in a Circle?

No, if you own a dog that seems to enjoy always spinning in circles before pooping, then, it is important that you let it do its business the exact ay it has chosen to. If you interfere in this habit, you might cause a form of confusion. I am certain this is not something you want to do to your dog.

In as much as it is generally okay for dogs to relieve themselves the way, they feel. It might not be ideal for a dog to always turn in circles before pooping when the weather conditions are extreme. So, in such a situation, you might want to stop it from spending time turning around. Doing this might be quite difficult. So, you might have to seek help.

Do All Dog Breeds Turn in Circles before Pooping?

Turning in circles before pooping is not something that is peculiar to any dog breed. Also, so far, it does not appear like there are some dog breeds that do not do this. The implication of this is if you have a dog, or perhaps a couple of dogs that do not turn around before pooping, they might not be acting this way because of their breed. They simply might be one of the few dogs that do not turn around in circles before pooping.


Not all dogs have to turn around in circles before pooping. So, if you have a dog that does not seem interested in turning in circles, you should not be worried.

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