How To Stop Your Dog From Barking At Night [Training Guide]

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking At Night [Training Guide]

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Barking is normal for dogs.  It is means of communication for them. They use that to communicate with us and other dogs. It’s part of them. They’re definitely going to bark—it’s in their DNA. But excessive barking especially at night is a common issue for almost every dog owner in the world. Most dogs are usually very free and less busy during the day and when it is time for their owners to rest, they just can’t let them be. If this is your dog’s situation, let’s consider how to stop your dog from barking at night.

These same stragies I will highlight will also work if your neighbor’s dog is barking

If you’re one of those, then I am very sure you have been looking for a solution to that. I believe you’ve tried lots of methods and approaches and you’re obviously not seeing results, well there is a peculiar and highly effective approach you’ve not yet tried. This article covers everything you need to know on how to stop your dog from barking at night.

Before we go into details, let’s take it to step by step.

What can cause your dog to bark at night?

stop your dog from barking at night

Before attacking any problem, you need to first know the cause of the problem. – In this case, the reason why your dog barks at night.

Some very common reason why dogs bark at night includes loneliness, boredom lack of supervision, or inadequate exercise and play during the day. – pent-up energy. – They have so much energy stored, making them hyperactive. For others, it is the lack of sensitivity to external noises, which is more likely to arise if you live in a busy environment. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise during the day will often want to release their energy in the evening and night.

Thankfully, these common reasons why dogs bark at night are easy to solve – all you need is a little patience and in no distance time, the result would be so visible.

Let’s look at the top causes of barking at night;

1. Alerting

Some dog breeds are very good alert dogs, it’s in them. That’s what they were bred for – to alert you whenever they sense danger. Breeds like the German Shepherd dog, Lhasa Apso, American Eskimo, etc. are known to be very good barkers. – They bark at the slightest noise and would bark at almost any and everything.

So, if you own any of the watch/alert dog breeds, then you need not be surprised whenever you hear your dog barking all night. It’s in their nature. – To bark.

2. Lack of Supervision

Dogs when left unsupervised, tend to develop certain behaviours, and barking is one of them. Most times when they bark are mostly when they are unsupervised. This is also true when you let your dog outside at night. Even in a fenced yard, the night is full of strange and interesting sounds that your dog may be curious about, afraid of, or just want to make sure you’re aware of.

3. Boredom

Cleared this point earlier. Boredom is a major issue and gets even the calmest dog barking. Dog lovers usually get certain dogs that require certain levels of engagement and activities. Unfortunately, they get involved in certain activities, leaving their dogs alone without any form of physical or mental exercise or playtime during the day. This causes boredom and if your dog doesn’t get engaged, play and exercise enough, you make them store those energies/pent-up energy without the ability to express it in positive ways.

Bored dogs usually struggle to be quiet at night.

4. A sign of sickness

Barking is also considered a sign of sickness, something unwell and uncomfortable when you see a dog given lots of activities, exercises, and attention; who has always been a calm dog suddenly barking. It should be a thing of concern to you. Do not hesitate to contact your vet to run a check on your dog if your dog continues to bark for a long time without stopping and when you’ve tried to pet it.

5. Loneliness

Dogs will often bark at night when they are lonely. This is especially true if you work all day away from the home and your dog is alone all day. Your dog is a social animal. Long workdays can be just as hard on them as they are on you! Your dog’s loneliness can lead to undesirable behaviours like late-night barking.

Tips to help your dog stop barking through the night 

Let’s look at some of the very effective solutions to stop dog barking at night.

1. Command to Keep Quiet and Reward

If your dog is an alert dog, the best way to stop your dog from barking at night is that you’ll need to go a bit extra. Walk them around the environment and socialize with them more. You will also need to get them trained – in the use of high-value treats, like chicken chew, beef chew or any other special treats.

Do not pressurize them into doing what you want(especially, if it’s still a puppy) allow your dog some time to learn the new behaviour.

You might also want to reward your dog whenever he keeps quiet after barking (often in between barks) and say “thank you” before giving him a reward/treat. – You can use the command “Shut up” whenever they’re barking and when they keep quiet, you reward them.

2. Employ Supervision

In order to stop your dog from barking at night, don’t let your dog go outside without you until he learns the desired behaviour. Instead of opening the door and letting your dog run freely, put your dog on a leash and go outside with him. This way, you stay in control of the situation.

Be sure to praise your dog and if a bulldog, give him a treat anytime he looks at you or remains quiet (just like you do inside the house!). He will begin to associate being quiet outside and paying attention to you in other to get a reward.

3. Spend Quality Exercise Time

Make sure you spend some quality time with your dog, every day or at least 3/4 a week. Give them some intensive physical and mental exercise to do. – Now, this depends on the age of the dog. Puppies are to be given a lesser intensive amount of activities.

When you give your dog some highly engaging activities, he’ll be calm at night. You can consider taking your dog on some distance walks or running some vigorous play like tug and fetch games. You can also get them some great toys (maybe squeaky toys) to key them busy. – If your dog is a chewer, then you need some quality chew toys you can use to help tire her out physically and mentally.

With the above activities, you are not only able to tire them or help provide mental and physical stimulation, you’ll also help them to sleep soundly and quietly through the night.

4. Sign of Sickness: Solution

If you notice some health issues, contact a professional veterinarian as soon as possible.

Also, if your dog is caged and you notice him drinking more water than usual; Contact a vet. If they’ve eaten something that’s upset their stomach, they could be barking for the toilet. – So, release and then take it out of their system.

If your dog is a senior, then its body might be at the slowing down stage and its health slowly deteriorating. This can come with lots of aches and pains, uncomfortable sleep it can also lead to barking. So, get a very comfy bed for them and also take them to a vet to get some advice too.

5. Loneliness: Solution

Spend quality time with your dog whenever you’re at home. With a busy schedule? Equip their environment – Get some toys to keep them engaged.

If you can’t trust your dog alone, then get them a spacious and quality crate with a very comfy bed in it.

If not used to crates, introduce the crate to them gradually with some very good and delicious treats and praises. Make sure that the crate is safe and comfortable for them.

6. Work with a dog trainer.

You can get the service of a professional dog trainer/handler. They should/will be able to help you fix the excessive barking at night issue with your dog.

I know the cost of hiring a professional trainer is high, but trust me, it’s worth it. They’ll be able to give you the best solution.

7. Play some classical music

Quality classical music is not only good at helping babies and adults sleep – but they also help dogs sleep too!

They come with some soft sounds to help reduce cortisol levels and ease anxiety. You can try it too.

Should I ignore my dog barking at night?

No you shouldn’t ignore your dog barking at night.

Continuous barking from your dog at night means something is wrong. It might be for attention, alertness, or sickness. You should investigate and shouldn’t ignore your dog barking at night especially if you have neighbours whom the dog might be disturbing.

How do I stop attention-seeking barking at night?

Attention-seeking barking is very common among dogs that are possessive. The best way to stop attention-seeking barking at night is by threatening with a muzzle and a reward system. Put a muzzle around the dog’s mouth, then after a while, remove it. If the dog doesn’t bark, give it a treat. That way, the dog will remain calm all night. It is not recommended to wear dogs a muzzle all night.

Why do dogs bark at night for no reason?


The above steps have not only been tested by millions of dog lovers and owners worldwide. They are highly effective in stopping your dog from barking at night.

You’ll definitely get your desired result and of course, your sound sleep at night.

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