How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

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You want to stop a male dog from smelling a female in heat because when your female dog is in heat, your male dog in sexual maturity gets restless.

This is due to a scent known as pheromones which your female dog releases during the heat. Your female dog in heat becomes attractive to your male dog which causes him to exhibit certain sexual behaviors such as mounting and humping your female dog. He also smells the private part of your female dog, caring less about any dangers there might be around him. This could be detrimental to your male dog in some cases.

How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

As a dog owner, it is best to put your male dog in check by stopping him from smelling your female dog in heat.

1. Separate Both Dogs

As long as your male dog keeps smelling or seeing your female dog in heat, he’ll continue to behave wildly until he mates with your female dog. In this situation, it is best to keep your male dog far away from your female dog.

Consider putting him in a kennel in the yard or anywhere else but certainly not close to the female dog. Alternatively, you can lock both dogs in separate rooms at least 3 miles apart as the male dog can smell the pheromone from quite a distance.

2. Mask the Smell with Menthol

Menthol sprays are designed to hide the female dog’s scent thereby, preventing the male from smelling her. The menthol is meant to be sprayed on the female dog’s tail to keep the male off. However, you can also spray some menthol on the male.

Apply the menthol spray frequently throughout the day as it may dry off after some time. Be careful to not spray it on the female dog’s broken skin or areas where she can lick. This is so to prevent any stomach upset that may arise from the ingestion of menthol.

3. Use a Dog Diaper on the Female Dog

A dog diaper is ideal to keep your female dog’s discharge in place, and reduce the smell, preventing the male from smelling the female in heat. This also creates a sexual barrier for your male dog. Ensure you get the right size for the female dog because a wobbly diaper could release the scent, causing the male to smell her or even mate her.

4. Regularly Bathe the Female Dog

A shampoo-smelling female dog will not attract your male dog as much as it would have without a shampoo bath. Dog odor-control shampoos will further mask the scent of pheromones and distract your male dog from smelling or humping your female dog.

Consider bathing your female dog at least twice daily for a more effective result. If your female dog protests, then you might have to back down and consider other options below.

5. Use Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, just like dog odor-control shampoos are known to be good at masking odors. It comes in liquid and tablet forms but liquid chlorophyll works better. For a more effective result, you should use this liquid chlorophyll on the first day of your female dog’s estrus cycle.

Your female dog will attract your male dog less when the scent is masked to its barest minimum. However, you may have to seek the advice of a vet before you use this drug on your female dog.

6. Apply Dog Deodorants and Colognes

This is an alternative to using menthol to mask your female dog’s scent. You can apply these colognes on both male and female dogs. You should apply it to the female dog’s tail and the male dog’s nose.

Consequently, rather than perceiving the strong scent of your female dog, he smells the cologne instead. While it may not completely mask the female dog’s scent, it’ll reduce it. Besides, some cologne scents do not appeal to dogs so it will further reduce his desire to hump your female dog.

7. Exercise the Male Dog

Exercise is a good distraction for your male dog who keeps smelling your female dog in heat. A rigorous outdoor exercise will deter your male dog from chasing your female dog around because a tired canine will barely think of humping a female dog. If you are exercising in the yard, ensure that the female dog is nowhere around the environment, lest your male dog’s desire is reawakened.

8. Put Him on the Leash

One of the surest ways to stop your male dog from smelling or humping your female dog is by leashing him to limit his movement. While he’s on a leash, ensure that the female dog is nowhere around him, lest he becomes aggressive and violent.

How Long Will a Male Dog be Attracted to a Female in Heat?

The duration of a female dog’s heat period is between 2 to 4 weeks even though it varies by breed. Your male dog will be attracted to a female in the heat all through this period. Your female dog, on the other hand, will only be receptive to males for about half that time. As long it keeps getting the signal (scent) of a female on heat, he’ll keep looking for a way to mate her.

He might even get attracted to other female dogs outside your yard and cover some distance to get want he wants. That is why it is strongly advised to put him on a leash during this period. As soon as the heat period is over for the female dog, the male returns to his normal behavior.

Male Dog Won’t Leave Female Alone in Heat

It is natural for a male dog to become a bit uncontrollable when he’s around a female dog in heat. This is due to the pheromones released by your female dog in heat. Your dog could even become aggressive if he doesn’t get what he wants.

It is your duty as a dog owner to care for him during this period. The good thing is that once separated from the female dog, he becomes normal once more. But you should be ready to tolerate him as this behavior may last for a period of the heat cycle.

The above guide should help keep the behavior of your male dog in check when the female is in heat. Ensure you are present to keep both dogs under close supervision.


Your male dog does not experience heat but they tend to be equally restless when a female is in heat. It might become tiring having to tame his wild behavior but you should be patient with your dog. It’s a matter of time before the period is over. We hope that the above suggestions help.

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