Is FURminator Shampoo Good for Huskies Deshedding?

Is FURminator Shampoo Good for Huskies Deshedding?

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Is FURminator shampoo good for huskies? It’s that time of the year when your dog sheds heavily, and you need to get your dog deshedding tools to keep their skin healthy and shiny.

It is one thing to have a husky and another to manage their hair. First, dog owners are usually faced with the difficulty of having to select which shampoo is best for their husky. And second, they are not completely sure if the shampoo they have chosen is good for their husky.

In this article, we shall be finding out if FURminator shampoo is really good for your husky shedding.

Is FURminator shampoo good for huskies

What is FURminator Shampoo?

FURminator is a deshedding ultra shampoo for dogs. While it can come as a kit with other FURminator variants such as FURminator spray and FURminator conditioner, they are all aimed at enhancing your dog’s cleanliness and coat health. They are specifically designed to reduce shedding.

FURminator is highly effective in deshedding and cleansing as it helps to release tangled and loose dog hair to mitigate excessive shedding.  FURminator is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (see FURminator), calendula extract, and papaya leaf extract to improve your dog’s coat health and shine. In addition to that, it has OdorCapture 360 technology that neutralizes dog smell and leaves your dog a great smell.

The shampoo helps reduce natural water loss through the skin of your dog, thus helping retain more water in the skin and coat which in turn keeps your dog’s skin hydrated always.

All FURminator shampoo, hair care, and hygiene products are made in the United States. And the good news is that they are always free of parabens, sulfate, and chemical dyes. While parabens may not cause any side effects in healthy beings, your dog may develop allergies if it has sensitive skin or any underlying health issues.

However, FURminator ingredients are not all-natural, so might not be a good bet if your dog has sensitive skin.

Best FURminator Shampoo for Huskies

There are several FURminator shampoos for huskies in the market, but I have carefully curated the best 4 for you. This is so you don’t have to stress to find which is best for your husky. The pieces of information provided below are based on first-hand experience, so you can trust my judgment. 

1. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo, 16 Ounce, Shampoo for Dogs

Let me tell you why I like this!

Deshedding Formula: Since I began to use this shampoo, I found out that my husky’s excessive shedding has been greatly reduced. Thanks to the deshedding formula. Now my dog sheds moderately during the season.

Formulated With Multiple Conditioning Agents: Before I discovered this FURminator shampoo, my husky’s skin was dry and the furs were matted. This made her always scratch its skin. After bathing her with this Furminator shampoo, my dog’s skin and coat regained their strength. Not only that but her skin and coat are also nourished. I don’t worry about skin allergies anymore. And you know what? My dog has stopped scratching too.

Features OdorCapture360 Technology: You know that unpleasant wet dog smell? FURminator shampoo helped me get rid of that after bathing my dog with it. She moved from being unhappy to being full of life. Do you know why? Because everyone wants to cuddle and sniff her skin.

Formulated Without Parabens and Chemical Dyes: This is a shampoo you both can love because it does not contain parabens and chemical dyes. Whether your dog has sensitive skin or not, it doesn’t have any effect on your dog’s skin.

Grooming Confidence: I used this shampoo with the complete FURminator deshedding line of products, this bathing product offers a complete system for deShedding, cleansing, and conditioning. This combination of products helped my dog look appealing. After every bath with the shampoo, I used the FURminator conditioner, and the deshedding brush to groom my husky.

My husky has put on a shiny coat since then and has become fluffier, with far less shedding. Also, I observed that there is no matted hair on her anymore.

Pros Cons
Keeps loose hair off husky Expensive
Has a pleasant smell No seal around flip cap
Hydrates dry skin
No itching after bath
Promotes soft fur


Helps Reduce Shedding: When my husky shed during the season, I used this shampoo on her. While grooming her, I noticed that there was so much loose hair falling off her. After a few more bathing and grooming sessions, I observed that the loose hair has greatly reduced.

Enriched With Vitamins And Omega Fatty acids: The vitamin and omega fatty acids content has reduced my dog’s shedding. While my dog still sheds, it does not shed excessively anymore. My dog’s skin also became healthier.

Non-irritating, Non-drying: A dog with dry skin is a sad dog. It makes them vulnerable to mishaps. My husky initially had this problem, but when I started to use this shampoo, her coat and skin health greatly improved. It now looked more hydrated. Additionally, the shampoo causes her skin irritation.

Grooming Confidence: To achieve reduced shedding on your dog, you have to use this product along with the other in-line product for a complete at-home grooming regimen – use with FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner for best results.

Gallon Size: The gallon size is sizeable to hold the content even if you dilute the shampoo with water up to a ratio of 10:1. You can also use it for refills or frequent use.

Pros Cons
Reduces excessive shedding Expensive
Promote soft furs Not suitable for sensitive skin
Has a nice smell
Reduces mats
Suitable for double-coated dogs

3. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo, 1-Gallon

Works to Reduce SheddingMy husky is better off with less shedding, I believe it’s the range for you too. This shampoo has helped me achieve that. Now I don’t have to vacuum my home every time to remove furs anymore.

Promotes healthy skin and coatmy husky’s skin went from dry to being properly hydrated. She also does not have to suffer annoying skin irritation anymore.

Enriched with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract, and Papaya Leaf Extract Seeing my dog scratch her skin all the time distressed me. So I decided to try this shampoo after finding out that it contains omega fatty acids and other skin-enhancing ingredients. It turns out it is a great match for my husky. The only thing my dog scratches now is my front door when she wants to play outside.

Bath your husky once or twice monthly, and use it with other deshedding products for the best result. Your dog will have you to thank, just like mine is thanking me right now.

Pros Cons
Has a good smell Pricey
Leaves coat and skin shinier and healthier
Helps remove loose hair
Helps reduce excessive shedding
Keeps dry skin hydrated

4. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

Since huskies are double-coated, this shampoo is suitable for them. My dog for example has put on healthier and shinier skin since I began to use this shampoo.

My dog’s undercoat fell off in the bathtub in a large volume I feared she would go after that bath. But no, I was wrong, the shampoo was only helping me get rid of fur from the first layer.

My Husky has been shedding moderately since we both discovered this shampoo. My furniture and rug can now heave a sign of relief from being constantly vacuumed.

Pros Cons
Prevents excessive shedding Could result in skin irritation if left for long
Promotes healthier skin and coat
Promotes sort fur
Has a good smell
Prevents hair loss

Can You Use FURminator Shampoo on Husky?

FURminator shampoo is good for huskies. However, huskies have different skins and may react differently to this formula. While some can be allergic to this formula, others are fine with it. Know the nature of your husky’s skin before using FURminator.

How Often Should I Use the FURminator on My Husky?

We recommend that you use the FURminator deshedding tools on your husky 1 – 2 times a week for 10 – 12 minutes for each cleaning session. You may have to determine how often to use the FURminator on your husky depending on how much cleaning they require.

Siberian huskies, for example, are way more active than other breeds of dog. This means they may easily become dirty and requires some more cleanup. On average though, once it twice a month is fine to bathe your dog with the FURminator shampoo. Again, pay attention to your dog’s skin.

What Kind of Brush do You Use to Brush a Husky?

There are many brushes available in the market. And not every brush is designed to manage your husky’s coat. Some can even cause damage to the husky’s skin. But after careful research, considering factors such as husky’s coat style, we came up with this FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Long Hair – 101008 as our recommendation.

As a husky owner, you probably already know that your husky has double coats consisting of grey layers—a soft sense undercoat and a medium-length top coat usually known as a guard coat. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large sizes. Although, huskies are medium-breed dogs you may need a large-sized brush if your dog has a very dense coat.

This FURminator de-shedding tool is made of close-set stainless steel teeth. It is designed that way to reach your husky’s dense undercoat. With each run on your dog’s coat, the teeth catch and hold your dog’s fur in place to prevent it from flying away and give you an extra cleanup to do. You can remove the dead hair by pressing the FURejector button instead of doing so with your fingers.

The brush is designed to address heavy shedding by a professional groomer, giving you extra reassurance. We advise that you use it regularly on your dog. The handle is designed for comfortable use and the curved edge of the brush is so to avoid any uncomfortable pokes or accidents during use. Your dog’s ear and tail are very sensitive areas, therefore you should take extra care when using the FURminator brush on those areas.

Many dog owners who have used this tool have expressed satisfaction with its effectiveness. However, some users complained that it is too rough for their dogs, and can damage sensitive undercoats.

Pros Cons
Designed by a groomer Expensive
Desheds and removes lose hair May damage sensitive undercoat
Disentangles matted hair
Ergonomic handle
Curved design for comfort


Your husky is a heavy shedder and thus requires intense grooming, especially during the season. FURminator shampoo is good for your husky. However, watch out for any allergy or reaction from your dog and act accordingly.

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