How Vet Says to Clean Your French Bulldogs Nose

How Vet Says to Clean Your French Bulldogs Nose

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French bulldogs are cute for their loyalty and sweetness. They have a huge personality in a small body, this breed needs the utmost care. If your Frenchie has a crusty nose, you want to know how to clean your French bulldogs nose.

In this article, we shall be highlighting the processes to clean a French bulldog’s nose. And also, what to use to clean your French bulldog’s nose.

Why do French bulldogs have crusty noses?

how to clean your French bulldogs nose

Before you decide to clean your bulldog’s nose, you may have seen that his nose is crusty. Why do French Bulldogs have crusty noses in the first place?

Usually, when your French bulldog has layers of dry crusts on his nose, they may have extreme dryness known as Nasal Hyperkeratosis, also known as Nasodigitalis. Nasal Hyperkeratosis is an overgrowth of the nose tissue that causes overgrown layers of crusts tissues on your bulldog’s nose.

This condition is not life-threatening and most veterinarians consider nasal hyperkeratosis a merely cosmetic issue. However, a dry nose may be uncomfortable for your French bulldog as they need a healthy and moist nose to feel and smell the world.

How to clean your French bulldogs nose

Cleaning your French bulldog’s nose is very important because a dirty nose causes infections, which you do not want for your cutie. It might be a bit of a hassle to clean his nose if he doesn’t cooperate. So you should give him treats. Anything to make him sit still while you work on his dirty nose.

1. Wash your Frenchie’s face

First, you need to clean your bulldog’s face up before any other thing. This is so to get it moist, which will pretty much make the cleaning easier and frictionless.

Splash some water on his face and wash through his wrinkles. He might like it or might not like it, but it’s necessary so you should stop at nothing until his face is evenly washed. However, you should be careful when scrubbing so you don’t give him bruises or hurt him.

Preferably, you should use your hands, that will pretty much do it better than a towel or rag. The towel turfs could be harsh on your bulldog’s face and so could cause a tear on his nose. Just make sure your hands are clean to prevent any case of infection before you use them to clean his face.

2. Use a cotton swab

The wrinkles on your bulldog’s face are where they usually get infected and develop allergies. This is why it requires regular and gentle cleaning.

So, run the cotton swab back and forth between the wrinkles on his face and around the nose region carefully. This is so you don’t hurt him. A strong pressure could cause a bruise, which you do not want, of course. Take your time to do this carefully as this constitutes the major cleaning process.

After cleaning his wrinkles for about 5 – 10 minutes, you can now apply some cream.

3. Apply cream

After cleaning your French bulldog’s nose thoroughly with a cotton swab, otherwise known as q tip, it’s time to rub your dog’s face with cream. Run in between his wrinkles thoroughly with your thumb. Again, be careful not to rub too hard and bruise him.

This is to keep his nose moisturized to prevent crust. You might be tempted to peel off the crust. Please do not do that. Your dog will not like it because it hurts! Allow the cream to do the trick, instead.

After a while, the crusts will be softened. Now you can peel the crusts off if you want, or better still leave it that way. They’ll peel off when your dog starts to play around and rub his nose against your furniture. Gross? Maybe.

What can I use on my Frenchies nose?

You know by now that you need to apply the cream on your French bulldog’s nose but do not know what to use. This brings us to the question: what can I use on my Frenchies nose?

There are quite many available creams you can use without emphasis on any. Just about any moisturizing cream will do, but certainly, not body lotions.

Some of what you can use are:


Vaseline is kind of like the best option here. All you have to do is scoop a small portion with the tip of your finger, rub it against your thumb slightly, then with into your bulldog’s wrinkles. Thoroughly but slowly and gently. The little guy may like this because most Vaselines have a heady smell.

Burt’s Bees

You can get this at the grocery store near you. It is a cream specifically made for dogs. It shouldn’t cost you much. Apply the same way you did the Vaseline.

Antibiotics ointment

This is also a good remedy to use on your Frenchies nose. Antibiotic ointments are used to treat both injuries and skin problems. It is important to check for the strength of the cream and its suitability for use on your dog. Technically no, vaseline is not toxic to your dog.


Just like the rest of the creams, Aquaphor should not be hard to find in grocery stores. This cream doesn’t stick and it gets dry quickly. It is the best alternative to Vaseline.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer and balm. It is good for humans. But dog owners are asking if it’s good for their dogs. The answer is yes. Some holistic and naturopathic veterinarians believe that coconut oil has qualities that aid treatment in dogs.


French bulldogs are lovely pets with strong loyalty. If you treat them well, they are sure to be your best friends. Frenchies rely on you to make them able to use one of their very important organs (the organ of smell). With these steps on how to clean your French bulbulldogs nose highlighted above, we hope to see his nose squeaky clean when we meet him next time.

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