How to Tell if a Siberian Husky is Purebred (Expert Guide)

How to Tell if a Siberian Husky is Purebred (Expert Guide)

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Want to know how to tell if a Siberian Husky is purebred? If yes, this is for you.

The best and most trusted way to tell your Siberian husky is purebred is by checking the pedigree papers, this is known as the dog family tree.

I know that lots of dubious dog owners make fake pedigree certificates with fake names of dogs and parents of your Siberian husky.

However, if you do not have a pedigree or you are in doubt whether your papers are true or fake then you can talk to your veterinary doctor about the DNA profiling or professional DNA test.

How to Tell if a Siberian Husky is Purebred

Purebred definition

A purebred dog Siberian husky is one that has the same breed parents of the same breed down their generation.

A purebred dog can be predicted.

They should have the same look as their parents, and they should look exactly like their parents; in size, weight, coat, texture, temperament etc

Purebred dogs are quite more expensive than fake because of the effort put by breeders into upholding the standard and quality of the breed include-medicals, including food supplements, vaccinations, timely check-ups, stud bills, and many more.

What are the ways to tell if your Siberian Husky is purebred

If you have got a Siberian husky or recently acquired one and would like to know whether he’s a purebred husky or not then continue reading

Judging by their characteristics, appearance attributes or even comparing them with other dog breeds can be simple, but deceptive.

I have prepared a list of highly effective ways on how to tell if your Siberian Husky is purebred or not.

1. DNA Profiling/Test

This is one of the most effective and trusted ways or methods dog owners/breeders can actually tell if their husky is a purebred one or not.

You can actually find lots of companies online offering this service online.

You can either send your dog to the laboratory or simply order an Embark Dog DNA Test Kit for breed identification and genetic health screening.

2. Check Your Dog’s Pedigree Paper

There are over 190 different dog breeds in the world today. You can know or identify whether your dog’s identity by checking out their pedigree papers.

Checking their pedigree paper is also a very effective way to know if your dog is purebred.

Note: A pedigree paper can also be seen as a dog’s family tree.

How to read a pedigree

Below is a link where the process was carefully explained.

3. Consult an Expert

A professional dog breeder or veterinarian who has decades of experience with the breed stands a better chance to easily identify a purebred dog. They can guide you with some tips about your dog – medical condition, personality traits, genetics issues, etc.


4. Compare your breed with the breed standard

Every breed in the world has its own specific breed standard which talks about the breed’s physical characteristics, performance, features, genetics, etc which they were either originally bred for or known for.

The Siberian Husky has its own breed standard/description. comparing your Siberian Husky is a great way to know/predict the purity of your Siberian Husky.

Purebred dogs can be distinguished from non-purebred dogs with their predictable physical traits or features such as; size, height, colour, coat, temperament, etc. all can be seen in the Siberian Husky breed standard.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Qualifies a Siberian Husky as Purebred

Dogs whose parents are of the same breeds are seen as purebred dogs. They should have at least 5 generations of some bred. Dogs with a percentage of over 87.5% of full-blood genetics are qualified as purebred dogs.

Can a DNA Test Prove that a dog is Purebred?

It cannot directly reveal that a dog is purebred, but it can tell the percentage of breeds presently in a particular bloodline and how they correlate with the genetic feature of the breed.

How Can I Prove my Siberian Husky is purebred Without Papers?

The registration process cannot change the genetics or DNA of a dog. Your Siberian Husky can be purebred even without paper.

He can be a purebred without papers and may not be a purebred even with papers.

What Dogs are not Purebred

Hybrids, mixed, mongrels, are not classified as purebred dogs. They are a combination of two or more purebred or hybrid dogs.

Where to Find Purebred Dogs

The best place to find purebred dogs are from reputable dog owners and breeders around you who are known for producing quality dogs.


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