How to Stop Dog from Digging under Fence – Well-Detailed

How to Stop Dog from Digging under Fence – Well-Detailed

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Just like humans, dogs have several different characters. Some are calm and seem comfortable with obeying instructions. Others, however, will never be comfortable when in a confined space. So long as the space they are confined to is not as big as they would want, they will always look for a way to get out of this confined area even if it means digging under a fence.
For people that have never shared space with a dog, it does not look like dogs will go so far just to get out of a compound. However, everyone that has owned a dog at some point in their live can attest o the fact that dogs often go as far as digging under a fence just to get out of a confined space.
Not everyone owns a dog that has formed the habit of digging under a fence. However, if you have a dog that cannot seem to stop digging under your fence and you are looking to stop it from constantly digging under the fence, you are on the right page.
Contained in this article are the likely reasons your dog keeps digging under the fence, as well as the steps you can take to keep it from constantly digging under the fence

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Why do Dogs always dig Under the Fence?

When looking to stop your dog from digging under the fence, you will first have to find out the various reasons it constantly digs under the fence. Going by this, let’s look through the various reasons your dog might be digging under the fence.

Dogs Dig under the Fence to Get unto the Compound

Getting out of the confines of a compound is perhaps the main reason your dog might be digging under the fence. The fact that your dog tries to leave the house by digging under the fence does not mean it is uncomfortable being in the compound. It simply might just need more room for expression or it might want to associate with other dogs outside the compound.
This reason for digging near the fence is common among dogs that do are not spayed or neutered. Sometimes they simply might want to get under the fence because they want to mate.
That’s not all. When your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it might really have no choice but to dig under the fence.

Your dog Might be searching for Attention

Lots of dogs need to be mentally stimulated if they must live their best lives. So, if your dog does not get properly simulated, it might simply dig a hole under the fence all in the bid to leave the house and get some extra attention.
It might be difficult to know why exactly your dog is digging. However, if it constantly digs right at your front, it just might be doing this to get your attention.

Your Dog is Chasing a Prey

It is not out of place for dogs to chase after prey. As a matter of fact, this is one thing that lots of dogs are known to do. Dogs frequently chase insects and rodents round the compound and it is common knowledge that these preys can sometimes be very difficult to catch.
Due to the difficulty associated with catching lots of prey, some dogs might give up after a while. Nonetheless, there are dog breeds that will stop at nothing when chasing a prey and if they have to dig under the fence they will do just that.
Since certain dogs will stop at nothing when chasing a prey, they could dig under a fence. However, unlike a dog that is trying to get outside the compound, when a dog is simply chasing a prey, it will dig under the fence usually in spots like the base of a tree.

Sometimes, dogs Dig Under the Fence for Entertainment

Dogs get bored and when this happens, they take part in various activities just in a bid to entertain themselves. One of these activities is digging under a fence.
If you do not want your dog digging under your fence because it is bored, you might have to leave it with a couple of toys when you are leaving it alone. Older dogs sometimes just might not have as much energy to dig under the fence when bored. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about puppies. Puppies are usually full of energy and will always get involved in one activity or the other.

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging under the Fence

There is a lot you will need to do to keep your dog from digging under the fence. Sometimes just a single action can comfortably keep your dog from digging under the fence. Other times, you might need a combination of actions before you dog can be made to stop digging under the fence.
Some things you will need to do to keep your dog from digging under the fence are;

Find out the Exact Reason it is Digging under the Fence

There are various reasons your dog could be digging under the fence and these different reasons can be remedied in different ways. The implication of this is if you fail to find out exactly why your dog is digging under the fence, you just might be unable to fix this behavior.
As soon as you are sure why your dog might be digging under the fence, you can conveniently implement the right solution.

Ensure Your Dog Gets Ample Exercise

This method of keeping your dog from digging under the fence only works if it is one that is too energetic. If it is digging under the fence for some other reason, this method of keeping it from digging under the fence just might not work.
So, if your dog falls into the category of dogs that often dig for entertainment, you have to ensure that it gets the right level of exercise that makes it tired. One way to do this is by taking it for a walk two times every day. Additionally, you should get a good number of active toys.
Walking your dog frequently will go a long way to keep it busy and tired. However, there is more to keeping your dog occupied than simply going for regular walks with it. If all you really know is to exercise your dog, then, you might want to get in touch with a dog trainer. This move will help your dog learn a couple of tricks and also take part in some activities that will keep it occupied and entertained.
If you always spend a lot of time out of the house, you must ensure that your dog has a treat dispenser, as well as toys that can be trusted to keep tit occupied. When properly occupied, your dog will not have the time to dig under the fence.

Put Together a Digging Area

Getting some dogs to stop digging can be really difficult. This is especially true for dogs that are innate diggers. If you are dealing with a dog that is an innate digger, a lot of methods to keep it from digging under your fence just might not work.
In a situation in which other methods of keeping your dog from digging under the fence does work, you can give it a particular area to dig. With a part of the compound designated for digging, your dog can go on with its habit of digging without causing any trouble or finding itself on the other side of the fence.
Helping your dog find out where to dig might seem difficult. However, it isn’t impossible. To create a digging area for your dog, you will need to cover a part of the compound with loose soil. Furthermore, you will need to keep some items hidden in the soil and make your dog search for these items. When your dog finds the items buried in the soil, ensure you takeout time to praise it.
There is a likelihood that your dog will dig in an area that it is not supposed to dig in. If it does this, you will need to redirect it by speaking out loud. You could also make a loud sound to get its attention. After you get its attention, take it to the part of your compound where you want it to dig.
Dogs can be stubborn and might decide to do what is on their minds. So, if your dog keeps digging in a part of your compound where you do not want it to dig in, you can make that part of the compound unattractive for digging. This is quite easy to achieve. You can cover it with rocks or chicken wire.

Make it Difficult for Burrowing Animals to Have access into Your Compound

If your dog’s reason for constantly digging under the fence is because it wants to hunt prey, then, you will have to make sure burrowing animals have no way of getting into your compound. While trying to keep burrowing animals out of your compound, you will need to ensure that you are as humane as possible. The implication of this is you should not use toxic substances to keep them out. If you make use of toxic substances in keeping out burrowing animals, you could end up harming your own pets.
One simple way to keep burrowing animals from getting to your compound is by burying chicken wire around your fence. This should be at least six inches high.

Ensure Your Dog’s Environment is very Safe

Although not all the time, to a very large extent, lots of dogs try getting out of their compound when they are not entirely comfortable with the environment. So, if you suspect that your dog is trying to dig under the fence and get out because it is not very comfortable with the environment, you might have to make its environment more comfortable.

Always Supervise Your Dog

Dogs should be treated like children. This means leaving them to roam about the compound unsupervised is not the best thing for anyone that wants to get the best out of their dog. When dogs are left unsupervised, they easily get bored.
Although all types of dogs should not be left alone without any form of supervision, dogs breeds that have a reputation for trying to escape should never be left alone.
When you supervise your dog constantly, you indirectly become a part of its life and this could go a long way in building a strong bond. When you have a strong bond with your dog, it might not even consider digging under the fence as your company will just be great for it.

What Method of Keeping a Dog from Digging under the Fence Might not Work?

A lot people resort to punishing their dog when they catch it digging under the fence. While this action might keep it from going on with this activity at the time, it will not always work in the long run. Since digging under the fence is not a bad action like peeing or pooping in the wrong place, it might be difficult for your dog to associate digging under the fence and being punished and this way, punishing it will just not be good enough to keep it from continually digging under the fence.
The easiest way to get your dog to stop digging under the fence is to take an active step instead of punishing it for its action.


The issue of dogs digging under the fence is one you might never experience if your dogs are strictly indoors or they are kept in a dog house. Furthermore, if you live in a compound with a concrete floor, it just might be impossible for your dog to find its way out of the compound by digging. So, you really might not have to worry about your dog trying to leave the compound.

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