How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil For Dogs -Well-Detailed & Comprehensive

How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil For Dogs -Well-Detailed & Comprehensive

You are currently viewing How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil For Dogs -Well-Detailed & Comprehensive

Tea tree oil is beneficial to canines in very much the same way as it is beneficial to humans. However, unlike humans that can make use of it in large doses and high concentrations, canines will not get the best out of tea tree oils when used in large doses. As a matter of fact beyond the mere fact that canines will not get the best from teat tree oils when used in large doses when tea tree oil is not diluted, it could be toxic to canines. Due to the various side effects associated with the use of tea tree oil by dogs, it is important that every dog owner knows just the right way to dilute tea tree oil before giving it to their dog.
To make sure that your dog does not get harmed by tea tree oil, you have to dilute it to a concentration of about 1% or 0.1 %. If you fail to do this, you will be unable to get the best out of tea tree oil.

About Tea Tree Oil

Knowing about diluting tea tree oil without knowing exactly what tea tree oil is might not exactly be a step in the right direction.
Although tea tree oil can be found in various parts of the world, it has its origin in Australia. It is gotten from the Australian tea tree also known as the melaleuca alternifoia. Although this tree is popularly associated with Australia, it is not limited to just Australia. It also grows in the southern part of the United States, in Spain, and Portugal.
Tea tree oil is an essential oil and has been popular for up to a century. Also, it is a volatile oil and is widely used in the production of homemade solutions for cleaning. Additionally, it helps in the treatment of skin issues. That’s not all. It can also be used in repelling mosquitoes and various insects.

How Safe is Tea Tree Oil for Dogs

The answer to the question above is basically dependent on what you do with tea tree oil and how it gets administered to your dog. When used in the right way and in the right concentration, tea tree oil is absolutely safe for your dog. On the other hand, if you fail to dilute it properly, it could be associated with a number of side effects. Lots of people assume tea tree oil will always be perfect for their dog because it is natural. Well, if this is your perception, you are wrong.
Your dog does not need to take several doses of tea tree oil before it begins to feel side effects. If you expose your dog to just seven drops of tea tree oil without diluting it, it could lead to fatal consequences. Although every dog will be affected by this, smaller dogs are more likely to be affected by drops of undiluted tea tree oil. Older dogs might not face a life-threatening situation. However, they could end up in the hospital.
While the average dog will be able to make tea tree oil when it is diluted to 0.1% to 1.0%, bigger dogs can deal with a concentration of 2%.
If you must administer tea tree oil to your dog, you will need to first talk with your vet. This way, you will be able to get very favourable results.

Symptoms of a Dog Reacting to Tea Tree Oil

Smaller dogs might deal with death when they take tea tree oil in a concentration that they shouldn’t. Bigger dogs might not have issues with death. However, they will show signs like tremors, low body temperature, and cases such as coma.

Of What Use is Tee Tree Oil to Dogs

Although tea tree oil might have a negative effect on dogs when taken in the wrong concentration, there are quite a number of benefits associated with its use for humans, as well as dogs.
When used rightly in dogs, tea tree oils can help in reducing irritations. They can also help deal with skin parasites, and FI fixing damaged skin. That’s not all. They can also come in handy in soothing scabies, as well as killing ticks and fleas.
Although the uses of diluted tea tree oil already mentioned above are the most popular, there are more ways in which diluted tea tree oil can benefit dogs. One of them is they come in handy in treating ear infections.
If you intend to use tea tree oil in treating ear infections, you will have to let a professional handle it as the process can be quite tricky. You will need the right formula as you need to dilute the tea tree oil specifically for the ear infection.
Additionally, if your dog’s coat is beginning to lose its shine, tea tree oil can also help in restoring the shine. When looking to get tea tree oil for this purpose, it is best to get one that has been diluted commercially already.

How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil

Diluting tea tree oil might seem like a difficult thing to do. Well, in the actual sense, it is not as complicated as a lot of people assume it is. Now, some people might be of the opinion that you only need to dilute tea tree oil when you are going to use it in large quantities. Regardless of how popular this notion might be, you will need to dilute tea tree oil whenever you intend to use it for your dog. This is regardless of how little the quantity you will be using is.
To dilute tea tree oil, you will need a carrier oil. Once you have carrier oil ready, you can go on to put a drop of tea tree oil into 12 drops of carrier oil. This proportion is as safe as it can be. In as much as you can get the results you seek by making use of the ratio 1:12, you do not have to stick to this formula. You can always make use of the ratio 2:12.
It is one thing to know that you should use a carrier oil when looking to dilute tea tree oil and another thing to know the right carrier oil. There are quite a number of carrier oils you can use when diluting tea tree oil. Popular among them is coconut oil. This oil stands out from lots of other carrier oils because of it is moisturizing and gentle. Also, it is absolutely safe for dogs. That’s not all. It comes with features that can help your dog’s coat and possesses a good scent.
In as much as coconut oil is the first choice carrier oil for lots of people, there are times it just might be unavailable and you will need to make use of another carrier oil. In the absence of coconut oil, you can use almond oil or food-grade olive oil. The fact that almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil can be used as carrier oil does not mean every essential oil can be used as carrier oil.
Tea tree oil comes with several benefits for humans and dogs. Regardless of this, it could still cause some irritations if it comes in contact with the eyes or skin. Going by this, when trying to dilute tea tree oil, you will need to protect yourself. Goggles and rubber gloves will be great.
Diluting tea tree oil means you could use it on your dog. However, before going ahead to use it on your dog’s skin, it is important that you carry out a patch test. This is simple, you simply need to put a small amount of tea tree oil in its diluted form on a spot on your dog’s body and look out for the outcome. If your dog gets irritated, you will need to stop using this oil and seek your vet’s advice.

Will a Dog have any Issues if Humans Use Tea Tree Oil Around it?

If you own a dog and have plans of using tea tree oil on your skin, you might want to pause a little until after seeing a vet.
Why is this so?
You are perhaps of the opinion that you are not applying the oil on your dog’s body. Well, you might have a point with this. However, there is a likelihood that your dog could come in contact with this oil when it licks your skin. So, if your dog ends up licking your skin, it could end up being exposed to this oil.
After meeting with a vet, if you get the freedom to make use of tea tree oil, you just might have to settle for only diluted tea tree oil. This is one way to guarantee your dog’s safety even if it comes in contact with the oil on your skin.
Still about keeping your dog far from making contact with tea tree oil, when you are done applying this oil on your skin or hair, you must avoid throwing the cotton balls used for this process into the trash can. This is because your dog could still come in contact with this oil even if it is not from your skin.
Although when your dog comes in contact with tea tree oil after it has been diluted, it might not have to deal with any serious symptoms. Regardless of this, you just might not want to take any chances. So, to make sure your dog does not come in contact with the cotton wool used in applying this oil, you have to keep it properly sealed after using it.

Dealing with a Dog That Licked Tea Tree Oil

Keeping your dog away from undiluted tea tree oil might seem quite easy. However, it is not the easiest of things to do. Regardless of how hard you try to keep your dog far from undiluted tea tree oil, it could still end up making some contact with undiluted tea tree oil.
So, what do you do if your dog makes contact with tea tree oil in its undiluted form?
This is quite simple. The first thing you will need to do if your dog gets in contact with undiluted tea tree oil is to take it to a vet. A lot of times, vets will make attempts at rinsing your dog’s mouth. This way, if there is any tea tree oil left, they can get it out.
After rinsing your dog’s mouth, the next step your vet will take is to give the dog some light meals. This will go a long way in soothing its intestine.
The above line of actions will only work if a dog is not in a bad state yet. If your dog is already showing some bad signs like throwing up, then, it will be given an IV drip. This drip will help it in getting back fluid. This is just the first step as the vet will have to carry out other forms of treatment. In addition to the drip, the vet will most likely give your dog antacid. This will help sooth any irritation in its stomach.
Lots of people make the mistake of self-medicating a dog after it takes undiluted tea tree oil. This might be an easy route. Nonetheless, it is never the right way to go.


If you own a dog and intend to make use of tea tree oil occasionally, one of the best things you can ever do is learn to dilute this oil. If you fail to do this, you just might end up as a regular visitor at the vet’s.
Now, there might be a formula for diluting tea tree oil. In as much as you will not go through a great deal of struggle when you try diluting tea tree oil with the right formula, things might not be as smooth as you envisioned. Nonetheless, you will always be able to get the job done

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