How Much Food Should a Husky Eat a Day?

How Much Food Should a Husky Eat a Day?

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How much food should a Husky eat a day? Owning a husky is great, but it comes with a great responsibility as well since they are an active breed and will require a certain amount of food to stay healthy and active.

Knowing the right amount of food to give them may be a challenge for some husky owners. Overfeeding them is not healthy and underfeeding them is equally detrimental.

To help you make the best decision, this publication explains how much is enough food to feed your husky per day and other information about huskies’ feeding you may need to know.

How much food should a Husky eat a day

How much food should a Husky eat a day?

The amount of food your husky should eat depends on size, age, energy level, and other factors.

Generally, huskies don’t eat much; they just need the right amount of nutrients to keep them going. However, male adult, pregnant, and lactating huskies may be excluded from huskies’ feeding recommendations because they need a little more or a little less. That said, let’s find out how much food is enough in a day for your husky in the chart below, starting with a husky puppy.

Age of Husky Quantity of Food Per Day  Frequency of Meals Per Day
2 months 3.5 – 5.5 ounces 3
3 months 6 – 7.5 ounces 3
4 months 9 – 12 ounces 3
5-6 months 12 – 14 ounces 3
7-8 months 14 – 16 ounces 2
9-10 months 15 – 20 ounces 2
11-12 months 18 – 30 ounces 2

What should I feed my husky puppy?

Knowing the quantity and frequency of meals to feed your husky per day is one step in the direction of ensuring your puppy gets the right amount of nutrients they need. Knowing exactly what to feed your husky puppy is another step that ought to be given just the same attention.

Your husky puppy’s meal should be nutrition-filled and of high quality. Try as much as possible to ensure that your husky puppy’s food doesn’t contain many filler ingredients such as corn, wheat, and soy. Huskies are active but have a moderate appetite. In addition, they burn calories more than other dog breeds. Due to this, they need highly nutrient-dense foods in moderate quantities to keep them going.

You would also be doing your dog a whole load of good if you treat it to fresh, lean raw meats.

In a broader light, the genetic build-up of your husky (Siberian, Alaskan, American, mini) can greatly influence the food you should provide them. Siberian huskies are known to have sensitive stomachs among other husky breeds. Avoid grainy foods as much as you can to minimize the possibility of stomach upset if you have a Siberian husky or are not sure what sub-breed your husky is.

When should I switch from puppy to adult food?

Knowing when to switch your husky’s puppy food to adult food is very important to prevent the possibility of gastrointestinal problems.

Ideally, when your husky is 6 months, you can stop serving it puppy food and transition to adult food. The best way to transition into adult food is to do it gradually. Start by mixing the puppy food with adult food using 40/60. As time goes on, gradually, reduce the proportion of the puppy food while you increase that of the adult food. Once your dog reaches 12 months of age, then you can now begin to serve it fully with adult food.

Dogs grow very quickly from birth to 12 months. Their growth slows down a lot when they reach 12, instead, they begin to add more weight. If you have a puppy that looks very plump, chances are that your puppy is overfed or has more calories in their body than necessary.

How much should you feed your adult husky?

Above, we discussed how much you should feed your puppy husky and what to feed them. Here, we shall be discussing how much food you should feed your adult husky.

Your husky becomes an adult from 12 months of age and above. Each stage of your husky’s adulthood requires you to feed your dog a certain quantity of food which we’ll find out below.

1. 1 – 6 years

Dogs that mostly live indoors with family may not need much food compared with the ones that don’t. Huskies’ cases are slightly different because they are always active.

Most dog owners should know what to feed their adult husky since they are witnesses to their dog’s eating habits. However, a husky’s adult feeding chart recommends two and a half to three-quarters cups of food during the second and third years of its life.

From the fourth to the sixth year, the number of cups should increase to 4 cups per day. These measurements of this food are vets’ recommendations and should not be taken with levity.

The bottom line remains that no one knows your dog better than you, you should feed your husky with the right amount of food, but it shouldn’t be far below or exceed the recommended amount. However, there are a few exceptions such as male adults, lactating, spayed/neutered, and pregnant huskies.

2. Male huskies

Male adult huskies tend to be larger, so they will need more food than female adult huskies. Based on vets’ recommendation, adult male huskies will need 2 cups of food per day. You should split this into two meals. If you have a female husky, a half-cup less should suffice. Again, you know your husky better and should tell what quantity is right.

3. Spayed or neutered

Usually, spayed or neutered dogs tend to be meek, so you should reduce the quantity of food you give to your spayed or neutered husky. However, some huskies respond to such procedures differently and may still have their strength and active state intact.

You shouldn’t bother to reduce the quantity for huskies that are still active even after being spayed or neutered. But the general knowledge is that spayed or neutered dogs will eat less.

4. Pregnant/lactating huskies

Pregnant or lactating huskies are either carrying unborn huskies or nurturing new huskies. Either way, they need energy and adequate nutrients to cater to their pups, and this will consequently make them need more food than other dogs. Paws blog recommends moving to a high-energy formula on a gradual basis, from approximately week 6 of pregnancy.

You should increase their meals from 2-3 cups per day or even up to 4 cups during the final phase of their pregnancy. You can increase their meal portions during nursing and gradually cut down back to normal when they begin their weaning process.

Do huskies prefer wet or dry food?

There isn’t a specific state of diet you should feed your husky. It all depends on your husky. Some huskies prefer wet foods while others prefer dry foods. You as an owner of a husky should know your dog’s favorite.

However, you shouldn’t feed your husky with straight dry or wet foods; a combination of both, raw foods, and a home-cooked diet will be just perfect. You can supplement your husky’s food with fresh, lean raw meats such as chicken, beef lamb, or fish.


Your dog will thank you if you feed it just the right amount of food and required nutrients. Huskies don’t eat much, they only eat when they are hungry, and won’t stop until they are full. This information will help you understand the eating habit of huskies better.

There are a few exceptions though; Some dogs’ appetites are immeasurable, so rather than follow the feeding prescription for huskies, you can feed your dog what you think is the right amount so you don’t starve your dog.

In all, remember to dense your husky’s food with nutrients; they need it to stay healthy and active.

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