How Many Chew Toys Should A Dog Have?

How Many Chew Toys Should A Dog Have?

The above question is prevalent among dog owners; however, the answer is that there is no limited number of toys a dog should have. Your dog can have as many as 15 toys; the number of times you rotate the toy determines if your dog will get the most out of all the toys or stick to one. 

Toys are crucial to dogs and keep them busy while you carry on with your daily activities. In the absence of toys, these dogs can chew your items like shoes and pieces of furniture. Toys help you to train your dogs to know what to chew and what to avoid. 

Getting many toys for your dog will ensure it has varieties to choose from and is constantly engaged; you can also give it a toy depending on your desire. For instance, you can get treats, chew, fetch, and comfort toys. 

The number of chew toys your dog has depended on factors such as:

  • The size of your house
  • The number of people living with you, you would not want to make the house crowded.
  • The number of pets you have

How Many Chew Toys Should A Dog Have?

There is no limit to the number of chew toys your little friend should have; however, to prevent boredom, you should have between 10 to 15 chew toys for your pet.

Having this number helps your dog to have varieties of chew toys to choose from; after all, variety is the spice of life. The different chew toys your dog have, the more physical and mental stimulation it gets. Having 10 to 15 chew toys will give you the necessary varieties without overwhelming your dog. 

Note that the 10 to 15 chew toys should differ from the same type and serve the same purpose. Some chew toys can act as a toy for keeping the teeth active and playing fetch, puzzles, comfort, tug of war, and others. 

The only problem with having too many chew toys is that many people leave out many chew toys for their dogs at once. Leaving out many chew toys simultaneously for a dog may spoil the dog because it cannot play with them all at the same time.

You should rotate the chew toys to keep the dog stimulated. Leaving out some of the chew toys or keeping away some toys they have become used to will keep their excitement high always and prevent boredom caused by playing with the same toy from time to time.

Leaving out some chew toys from time to time will create a sense of boundary for your pet. It will know that some chew toys are not meant for playing.

How Many Chew Toys Should A Dog Have At A Time?

The number of chew toys a dog should have at a time is not fixed; no rule or law states the exact number. However, leaving out too many chew toys for a dog at the same time will only make the dog become overwhelmed and confused about which one to play with; this may lead to the dog ignoring all chew toys and becoming frustrated. 

It is recommended that a dog owner have a maximum of 10 to 15 chew toys for a dog; these toys should be of a different type and purpose. You can leave out one or two at a time, depending on the aim you choose to achieve.

For instance, if your puppy is going through a teething period, you can drop one or two chew toys that help relieve pain and stimulate the teeth and gums. If you wish to play with your dog, you can drop one chew toy for fetching and use a rope chew toy for this.

Kong chew toys are better for allowing your dog to explore and scavenge for treats. Having a purpose for allowing your dog to chew and knowing which toy for it will help you pick the best chew toy. After selecting the appropriate chew toy, you can keep it away from others. 

Another way to limit how many chew toys your dog has at a time is by having a specific and safe place for keeping these chew toys. You can store them in a box and keep them in your room; doing this will prevent your little friend’s scattering the chew toys. 

However, during playtime, you should leave the box of chew toys where your dog can rummage and select its choice of chew toy unless you have a specific one it should use. After playtime, pack them neatly and keep them where your pet cannot find them. 

Should Your Dog Have A Chew Toy Every Playtime?

Chew toys are meant for your dog to play with, so the above question may need clarification. Well, the answer depends on the type of dog you have. Does it like to chew on things at all times? Does it get easily bored when alone? Does it destroy chew toys while playing with these toys? The above question will help you to know if your dog should have a chew toy every time it needs to play.

If you have a puppy, giving it chew toys every playtime is advisable as it will help provide comfort; chew toys made with cotton and fabric will be the best for this purpose.

Your dog will use the chew toy for snuggling and cuddling. If your puppy has a favorite chew toy it uses to snuggle and cuddle, you should not take it away from it, especially when it needs warmth. 

Sometimes, playtime should be an opportunity to bond with your little friend. A chew toy is not recommended in times like this, especially if you take it for a walk. Doing this will teach your dog that not every playtime needs a chew toy. 

It is advised to allow a puppy to have a chew toy only during playtime if you are around it. Chew toys, no matter how safe they are, require a supervisor. Monitoring your dog while it plays with chew toys will help prevent swallowing, choking, and other problems. 

Types of Chew Toys For A Dog

You can get many chew toys for your dog, but some types are recommended. These chew toys include:

1. Treat chew toys

These toys are made to have a hollow where you can stuff treats and food for your dog. They are perfect for keeping your dog busy and engaged, and it is also used to allow your dog to develop its scavenging traits.

Dogs love it when they have to scavenge for their food. You can give it to your dog when you need to work or want your little friend to stimulate its mind. Kong chew toy is a perfect example of a treat chew toy.

2. Rope chew toys

Rope chew toys are not just for stimulating your dog’s teeth and jaws but can also be used to bond with it. Your dog can use rope chew toys to play tug of war with you, and you can also allow your dog to try loosening the string; this is a form of mental stimulation.

3. Comfort chew toys

These are made with a soft fiber to the teeth but are warm enough to comfort your dog. When your dog is done chewing these chew toys, they can snuggle with them and even sleep off. If your puppy loves snuggling up to you or loves to cuddle, you can give it a comfort chew toy.

4. Fetch chew toys

Fetch chew toys are primarily circular and made with rubber. You can use it anytime you are having outdoor playtime with your dog. You can use it as a bonding tool for you and your little friend.

Bottom Line

There is no fixed number of chew toys you should get for your dog, especially if to loves chewing. However, we recommend having 10 to 15 chew toys of different types, and this is to avoid overwhelming the dog and making it to be quickly boring.

You should give all these chew toys to your dog at different times, and you should rotate how you use them depending on what you want to achieve during playtime.

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