How Long Will My Dog Act Weird After Grooming

How Long Will My Dog Act Weird After Grooming

Most times, dog owners need clarification when they see their dogs acting weird after grooming. Even though your dog needs to be groomed, it might act weird afterward. 

This sometimes happens because your dog is scared, weak, or hurt from the grooming process and is reacting to the bad moods of those around them, or they may not like how different they feel after being groomed. 

Some dogs get angry or aggressive after being groomed, while others act strange. Depending on your dog’s temper, this could last a few days or weeks. 

Some dogs return to normal after a few hours, but others can be mean for days or weeks. If your dog acts weird for a long time, it is advisable to talk to your vet.

Read on to get informed on how long your dog will act after grooming.

Why Do Dogs Act Weird After They’ve Been Groomed?

It can be scary for both you and your dog. When your pet is in an unfamiliar place, it will likely feel scared, weird, and confused. Some dogs like the feeling of a new haircut, but some don’t. It also depends on how their owners react. 

These reactions might make your dog act sad or very lonely. If your dog sounds like this, there are a few things you can apply to make it feel better.

Even though it’s normal for dogs to feel this way, there are some weird behaviors you should watch out for:

  1. Aggressive or feeling like its in pain
  2. Sleepy or overheated, like the groomer may have drugged or put them to sleep to calm them down, which is illegal.
  3. Shaking its head has water in its ears or scratches more than usual.
  4. Blood on the nails or in the scrotum, or pain when you poop

If you see your dog acting this way, these are the possible reasons:

It is in an Unfamiliar Environment

If you’ve ever tried to groom your dog, you know that it can be a bizarre experience. After that, the dog will feel different and act weird. 

Dogs will smell new things when they are being groomed. Also, your dog may not know what it feels like to be brushed. This is one of the reasons your dog acts weird after grooming.

Your Dog Feels Vulnerable

After being groomed, it’s not unusual for a dog to feel helpless. To groom a dog, you must do a lot of physical work and hold your dog in awkward positions for a long time. Your dog may also get poked and prodded all over by the groomer, making it feel powerless. 

Because it feels vulnerable, your dog can act a little weird for the rest of the day or even for a few days after being groomed.

Your Dog Feels Confused

After getting a haircut or being groomed, your dog may act weird, angry, or even confused. There could be more than one reason for this. 

Dogs don’t like having their routines or look changed as much as people do. As it is a new experience, a dog may feel confused after being groomed.

It Feels Afraid of the Grooming Process

Dogs can act weird after being groomed because it can be a scary experience for them. The groomer might cut your dog’s fur by accident or hurt them. If the groomer is rough or pulls the hair off the dog’s tail, it might trigger a bad feeling. It can make your dog scared.

How Long Will My Dog Act Weird After Grooming?

When you groom your dog, it might act weird, and it could take a few days or weeks to return to normal. It all depends on how well you’ve taken care of your dog’s coat and how you’ve groomed it.

Some dogs will act strange for only a few hours, while others will take a long time to get back to normal.

Grooming can be very stressful for your dog, so take them for a long walk before the appointment to get them ready. You could also throw a ball around in the yard to tire them. So, when you take your dog to the groomer, it will be calmer.

Even though there is no solid scientific backing that dogs act weird after being groomed, it is known that this can make your dog uncomfortable. 

If you notice your dog acting strange after being groomed, try hugging it to make them feel better. In the end, the sweetest thing you can do to help your dog overcome this is to love and care for it.

How to Prevent a Traumatic Grooming Experience for Your Dog

Your dog might act weird after being groomed, but giving them hugs and kisses will make them feel better. Here are some ways to ensure that grooming your dog doesn’t stress it out.

Choose an Experienced Groomer

When choosing a groomer for your pet, it’s essential to choose someone who is qualified and has experience. 

You don’t want to make your dog feel bad. It’s important that they have fun doing it. A well-trained groomer will be gentle with your dog and treat it like a dog. Make sure to choose a groomer who knows what different breeds of dogs need.

Use the Right Grooming Products

Using the right grooming product will make your dog comfortable and happier. Also, using the right product will ensure the dog’s safety and eliminate issues that might arise if you use substandard or wrong products. Some dog grooming products you can use are:

Reward Your Dog

One way to keep your dog interested in grooming is to give it treats and toys often. Dogs need to have their fur often brushed so that mats and dander don’t form. Dog food treats are a good reward strategy for your dog after grooming. This will make it less likely to get tense when brushed.

Dog Grooming Care Tips

Here are some grooming care tips to keep in mind while taking your dog to a grooming session :

  • If your dog is scared and anxious even while driving, you can try counter-conditioning to help them overcome its fear and enjoy the ride. It would help if you also got your dog used to the groomer and the tools they’ll use, even in sensitive places. Touch them in certain areas, tell them to calm down, and move slowly while giving them treats as a reward for being calm.
  • If you want your dog to feel at ease at the groomer, consider bringing his favorite toy. If you can, give him treats and talk to him calmly while you groom him instead of leaving him alone. This is especially important if your dog has yet to go to the groomer.
  • Let him get used to the haircut, and if it scares him, keep loving and complimenting him to help him feel better about his new look. It might take a while for the strange feeling to go away, but if you keep up with your daily routine and give your dog lots of love and treats, they will be back in no time! Remember that your dog has feelings like you. It hurts when people get a new look or haircut and are laughed at. So, when you see your dog, please give him a compliment and a hug to show how much you like its looks and boost its confidence.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Dog grooming is good for the dog and its owner in many ways. When the pet is groomed regularly, it stays healthy, looks more likable, and is happier. 

It also makes the area cleaner and strengthens the bond between the pet and its owner. Grooming also helps keep away some diseases and pests that you could avoid. Here are some excellent reasons to groom your dog often:

  • Stops mats from growing.
  • Cut down on the chance of getting cavities and gum disease
  • Essential for your dog’s health and well-being
  • Reduces the amount of fur your pet sheds.
  • Helps find diseases and illnesses that can be avoided.
  • Cleans the nails and the ears.
  • Results in a coat that are healthy and shiny and stops bad smells
  • Cleans your pet’s hair.
  • Fleas and ear mites will be less likely to happen.


Dogs might act weird after being groomed because it is a new experience. Most dogs get upset, sick, angry, or aggressive after being groomed.

Some dogs only act strange for a few hours, but others need a few days or weeks to get over it. To avoid these problems, you must ensure that your dog’s grooming experience is lovely.

Take them to a good vet, give them treats and toys, and show them lots of love and affection to make grooming easier.

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