Do Pitbulls Shed a Lot of Hair? [Tips to Stop Shedding]

Do Pitbulls Shed a Lot of Hair? [Tips to Stop Shedding]

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Do Pitbulls shed a lot of hair? Pitbulls are increasingly becoming loved by many American families. To some, having short furs means that Pitbulls don’t shed. But contrary to that assumption, Pitbulls shed.

Pitbulls don’t shed a lot of hair due to their single-layered coat, and they are not hypoallergenic, that is, relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Let’s find out more about Pitbulls; how much hair they shed, how much shedding is normal, and how to groom your Pitbull’s hair.

Do Pitbulls Shed a Lot of Hair

Do Pitbulls shed a lot of hair?

Unlike other dogs, Pitbulls are not heavy shedders, but they shed anyway. Let’s just say Pitbulls are moderate shedders. Thanks to their single coat and very short hair which is barely noticeable.

Below, we’ll discuss how much hair each breed shed.

1. American Pitbull Terrier

The American Pitbull Terrier is the most popular breed among Pitbulls. They shed an average amount of hair every year, and have a shiny coat that comes in colors such as red blue, brown, grey, black and white, and brindle.

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is medium-sized. They have shiny and short coats but can still shed quite a bit, especially during their shedding season. And like other Pitbulls, their coat is easy to maintain.

3. American Bully

American Bully is shorter compared with the heights of other Pitbulls. But they have a sturdy build and shiny coat that is easy to groom. They shed an average amount of hair throughout the year.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are smaller in size than other Pitbulls, but they make up for their size with a stocky and muscular build. They have a shiny coat and shed seasonally.

The shedding rate of Pitbulls is very similar to one another, though some of them shed slightly differently from others. The above breakdown will help you decide which breed best suits you.

Overall, they have a coat that is easy to groom. Therefore whichever option you choose to go with, you won’t have to worry about thorough maintenance.

What kind of coats do Pitbulls have?

Pitbulls have single and shorter coats when compared with other dogs. This is known as a single-layer coat. In other words, they do not have a layered undercoat. And no, they are not fluffy and cuddly but they are heartwarming.

To begin with, you wouldn’t have to clean hard to remove their furs from your furniture. What you should focus on is giving them a good bath, feeding them with the right amount of nutrients, and adding supplements to improve their overall health. This leaves their coat shinier and healthier, just the way you like it.

How much shedding is normal for a Pitbull?

Pitbull shed a moderate amount of hair throughout the year, unlike other long-haired dogs. Their main shedding period is toward the end of Fall when they put on a lot of coats (Winter coat), and toward the end of Winter, just before Spring, when they shed their Winter coat. Interestingly, Pitbulls grow just the same amount of coat they shed every year.

To answer the question here, a moderate amount of shedding every year is considered normal for a Pitbull. If your Pitbull sheds excessively, then it may be due to some health issues. These could include allergies, fungal infections, parasites, and sunburn as a reaction to a medication.

So if you find out that your Pitbull sheds more than normal, adopt the remedy below to reduce your dog’s shedding.

How do i stop my pitbull from shedding?

While you may be a bit disturbed by your dog’s shedding, bear in mind that it is natural for all dogs to shed. You can’t completely stop the shedding.

What you should be concerned about is much they shed and how to control it, especially if they shed excessively.

We understand that having to clean your home of strands of furs can be frustrating, and that is why we have come up with these easy solutions to reduce your dog’s shedding. Do you have a Pitbull that sheds so much? Let’s see how you can reduce his shedding below.

a. Curry Combs or Brushes

These devices help massage your Pitbull’s skin and help pull loose hairs out before they fall to the ground on their own. The devices are waterproof so it is ideal to use during bath time. It helps shampoo penetrate the furs and make contact with the skin for better cleansing and dehydration

b. Regular Bathing

Bathing your dog regularly can help keep their shedding at bay. Consider giving your Pitbull a thorough bath at least once every month. You might want to increase the number of baths during his shedding season (winter and spring). For a better result, you can introduce anti-shed shampoos which will help reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds during his shedding season.

c. Introduce Supplements

Your dog’s regular food may not contain the required amount of vitamins and minerals for him to stay healthy. This may cause him to have skin infections, which consequently cause more shedding than normal. That is where supplements come in.

Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids will help nurture your dog’s skin and coat, keeping their fur and skin healthier and shinier. Consider getting your Pitbull supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals to help improve your dog’s skin, and mitigate shedding. You can consult your vet for supplement advice

When is pitbull shedding season?

While Pitbulls shed all year round, they have specific sessions when they shed more. Pitbulls tend to shed more hairs toward the end of Fall going into winter when they put on their winter coat, and toward the end of winter going into spring, when they shed their winter coat.

However, the amount of shed all year round is based on the individual dog; while some shed more, some shed less. Overall, be sure that there are no underlining health issues if your dog sheds more. Otherwise, it is nothing to worry about as their short hairs are barely noticeable.


Pitbulls are lovely pets to own. They are loyal and eager to please, as against what society has initially labeled them. Having short hair is the icing on the cake as you won’t have to be dealing with long furs on your rugs and couches.

Pitbulls just need a bit of maintenance, and you are good. Thankfully, their skin and hair are easy to maintain.

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