Best Water Bowl for Multiple Dogs

Best Water Bowl for Multiple Dogs

If you owned a dog about a decade ago, you probably did not care about the type of bowl you made use of in giving your dog water. Well, long done is the era where people made use of just any bowl in giving their dog water.  As much as your dog might not complain when it is given water with about any bowl, it is great to give your dog water in a bowl that is aesthetically appealing and also long-lasting.

Well, the truth is all your dog probably cares about is having access to fresh water always. Regardless of this, if your dog must stay healthy and happy, then, you will want to give it water from a good bowl.

There are several types of bowls that a dog owner can use in serving their dog water. These different bowls might be great. However, you might not be able to make use of just any bowl when you have several dogs in one compound. The average dog bowl might not be good enough for serving water to multiple dogs. However, this is not a problem as there are bowls that were designed to serve water to multiple dogs. If you are looking to serve a couple of dogs water simultaneously but do not want to have several bowls in your home, you are on the right page. Read on to find out the best water bowls for multiple dogs.

Best Water Bowls for Multiple Dogs

Below are the best water bowls for multiple dogs;

1. PETKIT Dog Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Pet Water Fountain

This water bowl is super quiet and comes with intelligent LED lights that let you know if the dispenser is working or not. Beyond the LED lights simply letting you know if the dispenser is functioning, it also reveals when you need to refill the bowl because of water shortage as well as when it is time to change the filter. These features mean you will not have to guess when water is running out of the bowl or always check manually. That’s not all. Issues of your dog drinking dirty water will never be a thing.

If you are not sure how much water your pet consumes, this product can come in handy as it has a water level window. This water level window helps you find out how much water your pet has taken over a period.


  • It features a high-performance purifying filter
  • It features a water-level window
  • It features smart/normal modes
  • It measures 7.09 by 7.09 by 6.1 inches


  • It is quiet
  • It is ideal for busy dog owners
  • You are sure of how clean your dog’s water will be
  • It is sturdy
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It offers value for money.


  • It is not the cheapest in the market.

Verdict: This product might be a little pricey. However, you can be certain it is not overpriced.

Where to buy from

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2. PEKTIT Cybertail Elevated Dog Cat Stainless Steel Bowls

This multiple-dog water bowl is tilted at an angle of 15 degrees and is made of stainless steel. It is one that you might consider buying if manually washing dog bowls is not something you are interested in as it is dishwasher safe. Still, on cleaning, you will not have a lot of difficulties cleaning this bowl properly as you can detach it and clean it properly.

This dog water bowl has a wide and deep shape, as well as rounded edges which come in handy in preventing any struggles while your dog drinks. Additionally, its bottom has rubber grips which ensure stability when your dog drinks.


  • It weighs 1.54 pounds
  • It measures 13 by 6.3 by 5 inches.
  • It is non-slip.


  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It is machine washable
  • It can be assembled easily
  • It is sturdy


  • It is a little too lightly
  • It does not come with replacement bowls.

Verdict: These multiple bowls can be used by dogs and cats.  Also, maintaining them is not difficult.

3. Neater Pet Brands Big Bowl

This dog bowl has a capacity of 1.25 gallons. It is extra large and was designed to be used by several dogs at once. Its size makes it a great product for dog owners who own dogs that always seem to struggle to drink water. It is elevated from the floor. This way, bowl ring stains can be avoided.

When your dogs drink from this bowl, you will not need to worry about spills or worry about it tipping over. This is responsible because it has a non-tip base and high walls. With the Neater Pet Brands Big Bowl, you will not need to think so much about where to place your bowl. It comes with a great design that ensures it stays attractive and can fit into various parts of the house.


  • It comes with an elevated design
  • It features a non-skid bottom
  • It weighs 1.05 pounds
  • It measures 15.75 by 10 by 4.75 inches.


  • It has a huge capacity
  • It is sturdy
  • It is BPA free


  • Its non-tip base might not be functional if pets keep using their paws.

Verdict:  This is a great bowl for people with a number of big dogs that have to drink simultaneously.

4. Kimpets 3 Elevated Dog Cat Bowls

This water bowl can be detached and is not limited to simply serving water. It can also be used to serve food. It is made of stainless steel and is elevated. The implication of this is it will work well for dogs that are a little ill and do not have the ability to stretch their necks properly.

When looking to buy this product, you need to bear in mind that you will be able to make a choice from three modes. You can either settle for the corner mode, the three-bowls mode, or the parallel mode. Sometimes selecting a mode can be challenging. So, if you are more interested in placing this dog bowl just close to the wall, the parallel mode will be best. Additionally, if positioning the bowl in a corner is something you are most comfortable with, you might want to make use of the corner mode.

Your dogs will not struggle to drink out of these bowls are they are large. They have a capacity of 63.5oz and also make use of the siphon principle. This principle ensures that water gets filled automatically. Due to this process, you can maintain a particular water level for a long time.

Owners of these bowls don’t have to bother about the safety of their dogs as they drink. The reason is they were designed to keep your dogs safe. That’s not all. Cleaning will never be a challenge. Their design makes it easy for them to get cleaned. All these are in addition to the fact that they come with non-slip bottoms.


  • They feature a non-slip bottom
  • They weigh 2.94 pounds
  • They measure 13.39 by 7.28 by 6.73 inches


  • Cleaning is very easy
  • You will not struggle to assemble them
  • They are sturdy
  • Disassembling it is easy.


  • The bowl struggles to deal with dog bites

Verdict: These bowls are not difficult to maintain. However, they are not exactly very cheap.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Water Bowl for Multiple Dogs

If you have always bought water bowls for multiple dogs, you might not struggle to get the best water bowl. On the hand, if buying water bowls for multiple dogs is not something you are used to, you do not have to worry.  There are tips that can help you get the best water bowls for multiple dogs without the need for any experience.

Below are factors you must consider when looking to buy a water bowl for multiple dogs.


This is one of the most important factors everyone that is looking to buy a water bowl for multiple dogs has to consider. The size of dogs you have is a strong determinant of the size of the water bowl you will need to settle for.   If you have fairly large dogs, you will not be able to get a lot of results from using a small bowl.

Beyond the fact that dogs with large skulls need to drink from large bowls, bigger dogs drink more water than smaller dogs.

That’s not all. We might be more concerned with getting a big bowl for a big dog.  However, it is also important that you do not get a bowl that is too big if you have small dogs. If you get a bowl that is taller than your dogs, they might struggle to drink from it. Furthermore, as they struggle to drink from it, they could get into accidents. I am sure this is not what you want.

Bowl Type

There are various types of dog water bowls and the type of bowl you buy is basically dependent on your dog’s drinking habit. If your dog has the habit of making a mess when drinking, to ensure there is a major reduction in the mess, you will need to buy a non-spill bowl. This type of bowl gives out little water when the floater gets compressed. Although it does not stop your dog from getting adequate water to drink, it can go a long way in keeping it from making a mess on the floor.

While non-spill bowls are great, they are not without flaws. One major flaw that they come with is they are not very easy to clean. They have several parts and when cleaning them, you will need to pay attention to these many parts. This might be a lot of work. Nonetheless, it is a lot better than having to clean a floor that is messed up.

Ease of Use

You will need to consider how easy it is to use a bowl when buying one. If a bowl will be difficult to clean, you might want to avoid buying it. Some bowls come with several parts. This might not be a problem if these parts can be cleaned easily. On the other hand, if cleaning them is something that might cause you to struggle, you might want to avoid such a bowl.

Cleaning your dog bowl frequently is not something that is negotiable as cleaning it frequently can help prevent the growth of moulds and bacteria. If you might not always have the time to clean your bowl as frequently as it should be cleaned, you will want to get one that can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Two Dogs Drink From a Water Bowl?

Yes, two dogs can comfortably drink from one water bowl. This might be a challenge if you are in a public place or you do not have the right water bowl. On the other hand, if you get a water bowl for multiple dogs, then, it is okay for more than one dog to drink from it.

Must I Get Tow Water Bowls if I have Two Dogs?

If you have two dogs in one household and they do not seem to get along in any way, it will not be a bad thing to have two different water bowls. On the other hand, if they have no issues getting along, you really might not need to get two water bowls. One dog drinking a bow for multiple dogs will be good enough.

That’s not all. Beyond the fact that you might want to avoid getting two bowls if you have dogs that do not get along, the idea of one bowl for two dogs might only work well if they are of similar sizes. Dogs that are not of similar sizes will not be able to use the same bowl because one bowl might be too big for one dog and phrase in big enough for the second dog.

Should I Elevate My Multiple Dog War Bowl?

There are no rules that state you must have your multiple dog water bowls elevated. This, notwithstanding, if your dogs are ageing and beginning to have issues with mobility, you might be doing them far by elevating our dog water bowl.

When you elevate your do water bowl for multiple dogs, your dogs will strain less to drink water. This means mobility issues for older dogs can be handled easily by simply doing this.

How Can Make My Dogs Drink More Water

A dog just like humans can benefit a lot from drinking a lot of water. Ample water for them becomes even more important when the weather is hot.  In hot seasons, it is important that you create several avenues for your dog to drink water. This might be quite demanding if you do not have a lot of time on your hands.  However, it is not as big a problem as you might think.

If you do not have ample time on your hands to help your dog drink water, you can get a water dispenser for multiple dogs. This type of dog drinking bowl is a bit of fun for dogs and encourages them to drink a lot of water.

Why are My Dogs Not Comfortable with Their Bowl?

The average dog owner expects their dog to be comfortable with their bowl. As much as this expectation might be widespread, it is not something that they experience as frequently as they might want to.

Although a dog water bowl is not supposed to be something scary, there are times dogs are scared of their bowl. While they are supposed to see these bowls as simply water bowls, sometimes, they could consider them medicine bowls. That’s not all. Other times, when they see their water bowls, all they might think of is foods that they are not very comfortable with.

Beyond simply associating their water bowl with something that they are not comfortable with when dogs drink, sometimes, their tags hit the bowl and when this happens, they could be startled. That’s not all. If they kick her bowl by accident, the noise it makes could get them scared.

When dogs start associating their water bowl with far, they might struggle to drink from them. That’s not all. If the dog water bowl you get for your dog comes with extremely high edges, they might not want to drink from them.

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