Top 5 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl for English Bulldogs (Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Top 5 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl for English Bulldogs (Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide)

You are currently viewing Top 5 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl for English Bulldogs (Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Let me take you through the best slow feed dog bowl for English bulldogs

I love the English bulldog so much and have been with the breed for over two decades. With the number of years and experience with this breed, I have seen lots of things and one of them is – Eating too fast.

Some of the English bulldogs I’ve gotten were very fast eaters and as a veterinarian, I know that it can bring about some issues, So to be on the safer side, I got them the very best slow feed dog bowls specially made for the English bulldogs.- Not all dog bowl work with the English bulldog.- This is because of their facial structure.

In this article, I shall be listing out some of the best slow feed dog bowls for English bulldogs

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl for English Bulldogs

Below is a list of the best slow feed dog bowl for English bulldogs that every bulldog owner should have.

1. 3-in-1 Slow Feeder Food Dog Bowl

This is a great product! Before ordering this bowl my adopted English bulldog puppy would devour her food in less than .2 seconds. With this, she is now able to enjoy her food and fill her stomach.

I also really enjoy and love the suction cups at the bottom that allows it to stay in one place on the floor.

Features of this Bowl

  • Non-Slip and Non-Spill – The edge of this dog food mat is rolled up to prevent water from spilling on the floor; the bottom is fixed by a suction cup with strong suction, which has a very good anti-slip effect. Don’t worry about cleaning the floor
  • Slow Food Water Bowl – This food water mat has dense silicone particles, allows dogs cats to eat slowly; which allows pets to eat and drink comfortably and healthy, best care for pets
  • Stainless Steel Bowls – Anti-corrosion and heat resistant, the stainless-steel dog bowl is durable for long-term use and healthy for your beloved pets especially for holding hot food. The stainless steel bowl and silicone food mat are foldable for easy travel and carrying
  • Clean and Healthy – The 800ml stainless steel bowl and the silicone dog food mat can be cleaned separately, which is very convenient; the stainless steel and silicone materials are healthy, harmless, and odourless, ensuring the safety of pets
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: The manufacturers are committed to providing every dog owner with high-quality safety products. 
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Value for money

What I love about this Bowl

This slow feeding bowl has been the solution to a long-lasting problem in our house, Happy (our dog) had always eaten very fast until he had reflux or hiccups, sometimes he didn’t even chew, with the bowl, things have changed, it’s super comfortable, it is easy to wash, to place, I really like that the stainless steel bowl can be removed, I also like that it has some pacifiers to adhere to the floor, our dog needs to eat slowly and this helps a lot for his health, as calmer and much calmer.

Possible downsides

YES!! This bowl stopped my fast eating English bulldog Finally!! My English bulldog needed a slow feeding bowl as he eats way too fast!

He drags his previous food bowls all around and all the way across the floor during mealtime because he’s so intense whenever he eats.

This bowl has great suction and stays in place. It is easy to clean and stick right back down. Love!`

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this site is from Amazon.- They’ve got this bowl at the best price.


2. Hifrenchies Healthy Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

It’s a great bowl, but I purchased it to slow my French bulldog from eating too fast. It worked for her and then I decided to give it a try on my English bulldog and it did wonders,

It’s very easy for her to fits her short face into the bowl easily. She’s very happy with the bowl!

Features of this Bowl

  • Lovely pattern -The bowl with a fashion of four-leaf clover pattern. And its capacity and size are perfect for small and medium dogs, even large dogs. My English bulldog just needs one cup of food. This bowl helped in making him not eat so fast.
  • Slow feeding concept -The slow dog feed concept is advocated by experts breeders and veterinarians at a wide range. This slow feed dog bowl will make it come true. The raised parts in the bowl separate the food when the dog’s eating, which slows down its eating speed effectively.
  • Quality material used -The slow feeder bowls are made of PP resin which is food-safe, harmless but durable and recyclable.
  • Elegant and practical design – The bright colours will attract dogs’ interest, and make it much more fun for the dog while eating. The raised parts are not too high while the gaps are not too narrow, it’s easy for the dog to get the food.
  • Easy to clean – For the slow feeder bowl that has a PP coating, cleaning the bowl is also easy, it not only save your time but also keeps the bowls clearly. There are 4 antiskid soft rubber feet at the bottom.

What I love about this Bowl

My Frenchies and English bulldog love these I bought 2 and they love them. perfect sizes for their faces and not too deep for them to get. my order took a while to get here, I actually forgot about it then when it showed I was happy tho. but it’s worth the price and I am happy!

Possible downsides

None so far.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this bowl is from Amazon. – they’ve got this at the best price ever


3. Neater Pet Brands – Neater Slow Feeder

I got a request a few months back. I actually got this slow feeding bowl for a customer’s cats. She’s got 3 cats who eat together. Two of them are actually overweight, so she can’t free feed. she’ll usually put out a set amount of food divided into 3 bowls once a day. Two of the older cats would eat so fast they would regularly throw up (one of them puked every night).

She tried dividing the one feeding into two feedings with the same results. When she told me about this issue, I recommended that she check this out., She’d also seen a client I also recommended this to say positive things about this product and she started looking out for one for her cats. They were all huge!

In the end, she got it. But a bigger dog bowl big enough for the three (3) cats to eat out of at the same time.

She’s had it almost eight (8) months without a single puking!

I’m telling you, this slow feeding bowl is fabulous!

She’s even only putting food in once a day. It really slows her cats down! It has been such a relief t her as she was always worried about health implications from the frequent vomiting: esophagitis, tooth decay, you name it.

She;s gone from nightly pukes to nothing! I LOVE this bowl!

Features of this Bowl

  • Enhances Slow, Healthy, and Fun Eating — Veterinarian recommended dog bowl helps reduce bloat, prevent obesity, stop vomiting, and improve digestion.
  • Comfortable Slow Feed Design — Works for all cats and dogs – even flat-faced and large breeds.
  • Just Challenging Enough — Ever look at a slow feed bowl and think, how in the world will my dog get the food out of that? The idea is to slow your dog’s eating down, not to create unnecessary frustration. Our bowl is designed to slow them down without driving them crazy.
  • Durable
  • Made in the USA — Our Neater Slow Feeder is manufactured in the United States. It is made of non-toxic, durable ABS plastic. This plastic is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. And best of all, it is top-rack dishwasher safe (we recommend removing the rubber feet before washing).
  • Dimensions and capacity – 2.5 cup food capacity, perfect for small to medium-sized breeds of dogs. Measures 12.5” L x 8.2” W x 2″ H.

What I love about this Bowl

This is a magical feeding bowl that will definitely slow down your rushing English bulldogs

Possible downsides

None at all!! I would say this was a success!

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon.- They’ve got this bowl at the best price.


4. LE TAUCI Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

This is another quality slow dog feeder product you may want to consider, The quality is good will definitely fit your English bulldog,.

Features of this Bowl

  • Slow Down Eating, Bring Dog A Healthy Diet – Fast-eating dogs are experience bloat, regurgitation, and obesity easily. Our slow feeder dog bowl design with the ridges and maze pattern help your dog to eat slower than 10 times. Your dog could change his overeating behaviour through a challenge and fun mealtime.
  • Ceramic Material, Safe for Your Puppy – These dog feeder bowls are made from ceramic. Microwave safe, you can heat your dog’s food at any time.
  • Easy To Clean, Not Easy To Hide Dirt – Smooth glaze has a good effect that not easy to hide dirt and residual odour. The fun feeders are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It means less work for you and more playtime with your puppy.
  • Non-slip, Say Goodbye To The Messy Floor – These ceramic dog bowls are heavy enough(about 1.3kg) and with a non-slip base so that the dog cannot move it easily while eating. Whether your dog has a diet of dry, wet, or raw food, these non-slip bowls will do the trick!
  • Durable, Prevent Your Dog From Eating Plastic – We found that plastic slow food bowls are easily damaged by dogs, they will bite and eat by mistake. The surface of the plastic will also fall off during use, which is not conducive to a healthy diet for dogs. We use ceramic material, strong and durable, not easy to damage, so your dog could enjoy his food safely and healthily.
  • Affordable
  • Value for money

What I love about this Bowl

This is a great quality ceramic bowl. It comes with a little sticky pad to stick at the bottom that enables it not to slide. The sticky pads are made of little silicone circles. It does NOT use suction. Very hefty and durable so it would be very difficult to flip or move.

Safe to microwave canned food in. Would be super easy to clean but I never really have to bc my dog has no problem getting everything. Will probably last forever as long as you don’t drop it. Nice peachy pink colour too.

I would recommend it.

Possible downsides


Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon.- They’ve got this bowl at a very affordable price.


5. Freefa Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Bloat Stop Dog Food Bowl

Boarded an English bulldog who would always finish its meals in seconds. He never chews.

I tried MANY slow feeders and he outsmarts most. The ones he doesn’t, he just destroys the plastic bowls (chews up).

But with this bowl, all that issue has been solved!

Well worth it to slow down a gulper!

Features of this Bowl

  • A slow feeding bowl – Holds 2 Cups for Medium Dog and Puppy, Holdsabout six (6) Cups for Large Dog.
  • Made by non-toxic materials
  • BPA free
  • High quality
  • Anti-Chocking And Slow Down The Eating Time
  • Upgrade Anti-Slip Grip
  • Non-Slip Off – 
  • Easy Use And Clean 
  • FREE Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Value for money.

What I love about this Bowl

Very effective in reducing the speed at which dogs eat their foods.

Possible downsides

None so far!

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this slow feeder is from Amazon- They’ve got this at a very affordable price and a wonderful customer care service


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