Best Muzzle for American Bulldog

Best Muzzle for American Bulldog

Do you have any plans of paying a vet a visit with an American Bulldog(to get the best muzzle for an American Bulldog)? Does your dog have the issue of licking its wound regularly? If yes, then, you are on the right page. Beyond the reasons mentioned already, there are other reasons your American bulldog might need its mouth shut. Regardless of why your dog needs to keep its mouth shut, there is a lot you will be able to get from a muzzle designed for American bulldogs.

What are The Types of American Bulldog Muzzles

There are several reasons a dog might need a muzzle and the exact reason a dog needs a muzzle is a strong determinant of the type of muzzle you will need. It might not seem like the various types of muzzles are significantly different. However, the type of muzzle you use for your dog can make or mar an experience.

Below are some of the types of muzzles for bulldogs you should know.

Plastic Basket Muzzles

It might not seem like plastic basket muzzles will work well for American bulldogs because they are not super-restrictive. Nonetheless, there are times you might not want to restrict your dog excessively. This is where a plastic basket muzzle comes in handy.

Plastic basket muzzles were designed to allow dogs open and close their mouths. They cover your dog’s snout only. With this, the dog has the freedom to pant and also drink water. However, they will be unable to eat or bite.

Wire Basket Muzzle

Wire basket muzzles were designed to last the test of time. So, if you are keen on using your dog muzzle for a long time, you might want to choose a wire basket muzzle over a plastic basket muzzle. The fact that this muzzle is durable can make fitting over your dog’s mouth more challenging. Also, you will not have to worry about it getting softer after being exposed to very high temperatures.

Leather basket muzzle

This muzzle works just like a cage over your dog’s mouth. It was designed to do its work without making your dog feel uncomfortable. It does not heat up when the day is hot and does not also melt. This is one way it stands out from muzzles made from wire and plastic.

Are Wire Basket Muzzles Good for American Bulldogs?

Wire basket muzzles are ideal for summer. They are not heavy. Going by this, they give your bulldog the freedom to drink and pant. Also, they do not rub on your dog’s skin. This means your dog will not be uncomfortable

Can Muzzles Help in Controlling Pitbulls?

The average muzzle might not work well for pit bulls. So, if you want to keep pit bulls from biting, you will need to make use of an unconventional muzzle. This muzzle helps during training especially if your dog is very aggressive. If your dog bites too much, this device can be used in training it as it forces its head down when it wants to bite

What Type of Muzzle Works well for a Boston terrier?

When dealing with a Boston Terrier, you need a soft mesh muzzle. This muzzle has a secure design. Furthermore, you will not have to struggle to wear it on your dog. This is in addition to the fact that it is breathable, washable, and comfortable.

Best Muzzle for American Bulldog

Below are the best muzzles for American Bulldogs, they include;

1. CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle Leather Amstaff Muzzles Staffordshire Terrier Secure Basket

This dog muscle is one that will give you value for the money spent and is also comfortable. It comes in handy in keeping your dog from biting people around and at the same time, gives it the freedom needed to drink water. It comes with an open-nose design which goes a long way in ensuring that your dog breathes very comfortably.


  • It features an open-nose design
  • Feature sturdy rivets.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is breathable


  • It is a bit pricey.

Verdict: This device works for several dog breeds with short snouts.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care, and delivery service.

2. JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzles- Adjustable Breathable Mesh Bulldog Muzzle

The JYHY short snout dog muzzle was designed to keep your dog from barking unnecessarily. Additionally, it prevents chewing and biting in American bulldogs. That’s not all. It comes in handy when you are training your dog.

This product is one of the best you will get in the market. It was designed to be breathable and adjustable.


  • It features eye holes
  • It features a breathable material


  • It is adjustable
  • It is firm


  • It only works for dogs with short snouts.

 Verdict: This product is great for dog owners that have to groom their dog’s face always.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care, and delivery service.

3. CollarDirect Leather Basket Dog Muzzle for Boxer, English American Bulldog Secure Anti-Barking Biting Chewing Adjustable Breathable

The CollarDirect leather basket dog muzzle was designed to be used by American bulldogs. However, it can be used conveniently by similar dog breeds. It is brown in color. This means it will blend well with your dog’s fur if its fur comes in shades of brown. There is a lot a dog owner can achieve with this muzzle. Chief among them is it can prevent your dog from chewing, barking, and biting.


  • It features very sturdy straps
  • It features a breathable material


  • It is sturdy
  • It is durable


  • It is a bit expensive.

Verdict: It works for several dog breeds.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Muzzle for American Bulldog

There are various types of muzzles for American bulldogs. Additionally, there are many muzzle brands in the market. This variety of muzzle brands might mean that you have the freedom to pick the best muzzle from a large group. However, you might also struggle to make the right choice from the many available muzzles.

While every muzzle in the market has its pros and cons, it is important that you know what to look out for so that you end up with the right muzzle for your bulldog at every point in time.

That being said, let’s look at some factors that you must consider when shopping for muzzles for your American bulldog.


The adjustability of a muzzle for American bulldogs might not be the most important thing that you should look out for when shopping for a muzzle. However, it is really essential. Everyone looking to buy a muzzle for their dog does so because they are trying to meet a need at a particular time and an adjustable muzzle gives dog owners the freedom to tweak a muzzle to meet their dog’s need for a period. Once you get an adjustable muzzle, you will not need to heat shape it before you can achieve your aim. The best muzzles have different adjustment points. So, when looking to get value for your money while shopping for a muzzle for your American bulldog, look out for how many adjustment points it cokes with.


The best muzzles in the market are breathable. They give your dog the freedom to breathe without any form of restriction.  In as much as it is good for your muzzle to allow your dog to pant comfortably if it does not give your dog the freedom to breathe properly, it is just not good enough.

Tips on Getting the Best out of a Dog Muzzle

Getting the right muzzle for your American bulldog is a step in the right direction. However, if you must get the best out of a dog muzzle, you must know how to use it properly.

When taking the muzzle off your American bulldog’s head, you have to be really careful and calm. If you make attempts at wrestling the muzzle off its head, you might get a negative reaction as the dog will most likely get defensive. Beyond just becoming defensive, your dog might not want to have a muzzle over its mouth some other time.

Your dog most likely does not like the idea of having a muzzle on. Regardless, you can help it operate properly when you need it to have a muzzle on. One way to do this is to put treats in the muzzle so it can feed on them while the muzzle is over its mouth. Additionally, you might not want to keep your dog’s head in a muzzle for a long time until it actual;y gets used to the idea of having a muzzle on. This means when you first put a muzzle over its head, you might want to avoid making use of the straps of the muzzle until it gets really comfortable with having a muzzle on.

After your dog starts getting used to wearing a muzzle, you might try taking a walk with it. This way, your dog will get used to the idea of wearing a muzzle. It will also associate this activity with something good.


Do Muzzles Make Bulldogs More Aggressive?

No, there is no correlation between having a muzzle on and becoming aggressive. Muzzles do not make dogs more aggressive.

How Long Can an American Bulldog Have its Muzzle on?

If a bulldog does not have any issues breathing, it should not have a muzzle on for more than one hour.

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