Best Ear drops for French bulldog – Tested and Trusted

Best Ear drops for French bulldog – Tested and Trusted

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Looking to buy an ear drop for your French bulldog? With the many alternatives available in the market, there is a likelihood that you will be confused and might not be sure of what ear drop to buy.

We know that inexperienced dog owners are sometimes not sure of the best ear drops for their bulldog. Well, if you fall into the category of people that do not know what to look out for when shopping for ear drops for a French bulldog, you are not alone. We’ve got you covered.

To ensure that you get the right ear drop for your French bulldog the first time, we have put together some of the best ear drops for French bulldogs. You can pick any of the products in this article.

Furthermore, if you want to select a product that is not in this article, we have put down tips that can help you do this very comfortably.

Best Ear drops for French bulldog

How Can a French bulldog’s Ears be cleaned?

  One way to ensure that your French bulldog’s ears stay clean is by using an ear cleaner such as the Zyomax Ear Solution. With this device, you can prevent moisture from getting into your bulldog’s ears.  

What Ear Type do French bulldogs have?

  While growing up, French bulldogs have different types of ears. Sometimes, their ears are rose ears. Other times, they have bat ears. While some of them will grow up to have bat ears, others will grow to have rose ears. However, bat ears are generally accepted in dog shows.


Why Do Some French Bulldogs Have Floppy Ears

  Some French bulldogs have floppy ears because the pinna of their ears retains a lot of water. When dogs have moist ears, they could be easily affected with ear infections. To avoid this, you have to keep their ears dry with ear cleansers  

Can Mites Cause Ear Infections in French Bulldogs?

  Generally, ear infections in French bulldogs are caused by yeast or bacteria. However, sometimes, they could be caused by ear mites. While all French bulldogs can have ear infections, dogs with rose ears are more likely to be affected by ear infections as opposed to dogs with bat ears. This is because the internal environments of their ears are moist and warm because of the absence of airflow.  

Best Ear drops for French bulldog

Below are the best ear drops for French Bulldogs, they include;  

1. Organic Ear Oil for Ear Infections, All Natural Eardrops for Infection Prevention

  The Organic ear oil for ear infections and all-natural eardrops for infection prevention were designed to be used by dogs of all ages. It comes in handy in keeping your dog’s ears healthy and in taking out the wax. This product might be famous for treating infections. However, you do not have to wait till your dog is down with an infection in its ears before making use of the Organic ear oil for ear infections. It can also be used in preventing ear infections.   Features  

  • It contains mullein
  • It features a moderate garlic scent.


  • It can be used right out of the box
  • It contains only natural ingredients.


  • Not everyone is comfortable with its garlic smell.

  Verdict:  If you have no issues with the smell of garlic, you can benefit a lot from the use of this product for your dog’s ears.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

2. Pure and Natural Pet USDA Certified Organic Ear Wash 

  The Pure and natural pet USDA certified organic ear wash is made in the United States and contains only natural ingredients. The implication of this is you will not have to worry about clogging your dog’s ears with several chemicals that you have no understanding of what their side effects are. Do you have a dog that keeps shaking its head non-stop? If yes, this product might be the solution you have always looked for. After cleaning your dog’s ear with it, you can make use of an ear bud to clean out the debris in its ears.   Features  

  • It is made in the United States
  • It comes with only natural ingredients


  • It is totally organic
  • It offers value for money.

  Cons   It is a bit pricey   Verdict: This is a perfect product for dog owners that love going absolutely natural.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

3. Durvet 011-1165 No-Bite Flea & Tick Ear Mite Control, 4 oz

  The Durvet 001-1165 No-Bite flea & tick ear mite control was designed to keep your French bulldog’s ears clean. However, that is not all that it does. It also comes in handy in preventing fleas and ticks from making your dog’s ears their home. Although popular among dogs, this ear drop does not only work for dogs. It can also be used in keeping your cat’s ears healthy.   Features   It weighs 4oz It comes with anti-tick properties.   Pros  

  • It is affordable
  • It works for several pets.


  • Its content might be too heavy when used for small animals

  Verdict: This product was designed for French bulldogs. So, you should be careful when using it for other animals.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Ear drops for French bulldog

Buying an ear drop for your French bulldog might seem like something that everyone can do. Well, if this is what you have been thinking, you are wrong. It might actually be a bit difficult to get the right ear drop for your French bulldog. Regardless of the difficulties involved in getting the right ear drop for a French bulldog, there are factors that can always help you make the right choice from a multitude of eardrops for French bulldogs. Let’s walk through some of these factors. 

1. Cost

Since there are several ear drops targeted at French bulldog owners, you can easily screen out lots of products based on the price tag attached to them. In as much as there is a link between the performance of an ear drop and its price, there is no guarantee that an ear drop for French bulldogs that is expensive will be better than one that does not have a huge price tag attached to it.  If you are on a tight budget, you do not necessarily have to depend on an expensive product, you can get the best product that your money can buy. One way to do this is to come up with a budget and take out time to check out the products that fall within your budget. This way, you will be able to select the right product without actually spending a lot of money.  

2. Online Reviews

One way to know what an ear drop for French bulldogs has to offer is by making use of it. In as much as this is a trusted way to know what is obtainable from the use of an ear drop for French bulldogs, it is not the only way to know what an ear drop has to offer. You can get to know a lot about an eardrop from online customer reviews. While you will get a handful of divergent views, you can always come to a conclusion based on the many online reviews. 

3. Consider Comfort

The first thing everyone should think about when looking to buy an ear drop for their dog is how effective it is. In addition to considering the efficiency of an ear drop, you should also consider how comfortable it is.  If an ear drop for French bulldogs causes your dog a significant level of discomfort, you might not want to settle for it.   


Will You Get Value for Money When you Buy Ear drops

The market is saturated with many products that people are not even sure that they have any need for. Sometimes, one could feel like they do not need an ear drop for their bulldog. This is because they feel they might not get good value for their money when they buy an eardrop for bulldogs. Well, while there is a likelihood of not getting value for money, if you buy the right ear drop, you definitely will be getting good value for your money.

What is the Price of an Eardrop for French Bulldogs?

There are several ear drops for French bulldogs in the market. These various eardrops have different qualities and designs. So, their prices are different. In addition to the effect of design and quality on the final price of an ear drop, the place you buy it can actually affect it. This means you could get the same ear drop for different prices in different cities or different parts of town.  

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