Best Dry Mop for Dog Hair (Expert Review + Buyer’s Guide)

Best Dry Mop for Dog Hair (Expert Review + Buyer’s Guide)

You are currently viewing Best Dry Mop for Dog Hair (Expert Review + Buyer’s Guide)

If you are comfortable having animals around, there is a likelihood that one of the animals you will always have around you is a dog. This is for a very obvious reason; dogs are adorable. Keeping a dog around might be great. However, the responsibility associated with actually owning a dog is immense.

Dogs might be known for keeping you company. Nonetheless, they could cause allergies. It is normal for dogs to shed their hair. If these shed hairs do not get disposed of properly, they could lead to allergies.

Not everyone has a dog that sheds frequently. So, the issue of shedding might not be a problem if your dog does not shed very frequently. On the other hand, if your dog sheds frequently, you will need a dry mop for dog hair.

Best Dry Mop for Dog Hair

Contained in this article are some of the best dry mops for dg hair. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Enfy Anker Robot Mop for Dog Hair

If you are looking to get a tool that you can depend on to rid your apartment of dog hair, the Enfy anker robot mop for dog hair is a tool you can count on. It operates very quietly. Nonetheless, its operation is very efficient. Since it is very quiet, it carries out its duty without your pet getting frightened. You do not have to be scared that this device will run into obstacles as it is equipped with infrared sensors. Due to the presence of these infrared sensors, it will not run into any objects while working.

This tool functions at a speed of 10.5in/s. This is in addition to a suction power of 1300PA. You do not have to be around to get this device to work.  It is not called a robot vacuum cleaner for nothing. So, even if you will not be around, it can do its job. All you need to do is schedule it to clean the area you are trying to rid of dog hair.

This device is smart. The implication of this is you can control it through your smartphone.


  • It comes with an AC power adapter
  • It features a remote control.


  • It operates quietly
  • It runs for 100 minutes before running out of power.
  • It can be programmed to clean a certain area in your absence
  • You can control its operation from your smartphone.


  • It does not have a WIFI connection.

Verdict: This tool is ideal for dog owners that do not spend so much time at home.

Where to Buy From

The best place to buy from is Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever! With wonderful customer care service.


2. JINCLEAN 18” Microfiber Floor Mop

The Jinclean 18” microfiber floor mop might be famous for ridding your home of your dog’s hair. However, this is not the only thing it does. It can also keep your home really clean. So, when looking to buy this device, you do not need to buy it only for taking care of your dog’s hair. It could also help keep your home very clean.

This device comes with two sides. So, the side you make use of is dependent on what you are looking to archive. If what you are looking to do is remove hair and get your floor clean, you will need to make use of the microfiber side. On the other hand, if you simply want to pick up a dog’s hair, you should make use of the Chenille side of the floor mop.

This mop can be used by people of different heights. This is possible because its telescopic handle can be altered between 30 and 51 inches. This means issues of your back being strained while using it will not come up.

Since this mop can get rid of dog furs and also clean your house, there will be no need to change mops while cleaning your house. That’s not all. With this mop, you get to enjoy a good dose of flexibility because of the hinge attached to its handle.


  • It features a hinge at its handle which ensures flexibility.
  • It features two sides for different results.


  • It is very durable
  • It has a handle that can be adjusted
  • It comes assembled
  • It is affordable.


  • Its handle could get shorter as the screw gets loose.

Verdict: This tool is great for cleaning your home and for ridding it of dog fur.

Where to Buy From

The best place to buy from is Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever! With wonderful customer care service.


3. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaner

The Turbo microfiber mop floor cleaner possesses several amazing features and can be trusted to always give you so much value for money. This mop might be effective for getting rid of pet hair. However, it does more than just clean up pet hair. It can also be used in cleaning up various types of dirt.

With the Turbo microfiber mop floor cleaner, you can clean floorboards, furniture, and walls. Additionally, it comes with a head and aluminium alloy that can be adjusted easily. Due to this, it can be used to clean up dog hair without any struggles.

This mop comes with reusable pads. The implication of this is you will not need to bother yourself with replacing the cleaning pads it comes with.


  • It features a couple of reusable cleaning cloths
  • It comes with soft refill pads


  • It works well in eliminating tough stains
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a big pivoting head


  • It sometimes does out take out every trace of cleaning fluid.

Verdict: If you must buy this device, then, you must have mastered using mops for getting rid of dog hair.

Where to Buy From

The best place to buy from is Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever! With wonderful customer care service.


4. O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop

When you purchase the O-Cedar easy wring spin mop, you will not need to get a bucket when looking to rid your apartment of dog hair. This is because it features a bucket which helps you have control of the quantity of water you use when cleaning your floor.

This mop head is very efficient in absorbing stains and picking up dog hair from the floor. In as much as this device can come in handy in ridding your floor of dog hair, ultimately reducing how much time you need to spend cleaning your apartment. That’s not all. The O-Cedar easy wring spin mop comes with a mop handle that can be extended. This means you can carry out your cleaning duties without issues of back pain. 

This spin mop might be famously associated with keeping your apartment clean and free from dog hair. Nonetheless, it does more.  It can keep your hands clean and dry. This is due to the presence of a foot pedal controlled wringer.


  • It features a bucket which helps make cleaning easier
  • It features a foot pedal controlled wringer


  • It can be refilled easily
  • It has a guard against splash
  • It has a very absorbent microfiber mop.


  • It is not very affordable
  • The bucket it comes with is fragile

Verdict: This is might be pricey. However, it is a two in one product. Once you purchase it, you will not need to buy a bucket to go alongside it.

Where to Buy From

The best place to buy from is Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever! With wonderful customer care service.


Buyer’s Guide for the Best Dry Mop for Dog Hair

There are several mops for dry hair and this means you are free to make a choice of the right mop for you. Before going on to select a particular dog mop, there are factors you have to consider. Some of these factors are;


 The cost of a mop is a factor you have to give a lot of consideration before buying it. The cost of a mop is dependent on quite a number of factors. One of these factors is the presence of microfiber pads. With microfiber pads, you might not need water to clean properly. This is because, with microfiber pads, every hair cleaned up is hidden in the pads while cleaning is on. With regular mops, you need water for replacing the dirt picked out from the floor.

Before making up your mind on how much value you will get from using a mop, you should be certain of how much microfiber pads it features. As soon as you know how many microfiber pads it comes with, you should know if you are willing to replace the pads.

Going by this, before settling for a mop, you should be sure of its cost and associated costs needed to maintain it.


Do you live in a big apartment? If yes, you will need to settle for a mop that was designed for large surfaces. Additionally, if you are looking to clean up several rooms, you will achieve very good results when you make use of mops with large surfaces.

Since mops have heads of various sizes, if you end up with a mop that is not big enough for your apartment, you just might have to go through a great deal of stress before getting any job done.


Mops might seem easy to handle. However, if they are not so light, it is only a matter of time before you get stressed when you use them frequently. To ensure you do not have to put so much effort into using a mop, you should look out for flexibility. Consider how easy it is to handle a mop, as well, as to how lightweight it is.

Mops that feature pivoting or swivelling heads have the ability to get into deep nooks and crannies. This means, you will easily pick up dog hair in nooks and crannies.

Soft Handles

Comfort is non-negotiable when looking to buy a mop for dog hair.  If you must be comfortable when you make use of a mop, then, its handle should be soft. In addition to looking out for a handle that is soft, you should also be on the lookout for how easy it is to adjust a handle. This is even more important if you are a tall person.

Microfiber Head

The material that the cleaning head of a mop is made of is something you should look out for when you want to buy a mop for cleaning dog hair. While there are various materials used in making the cleaning head for a mop, one material that makes cleaning relatively easy is microfiber. Although you could decide to settle for materials such as cotton robbers, synthetic fibres, nylon fibres, they could scratch your floor if it is made of wood. Also, they do not absorb water as much you would want and this could mess up your floor with time.

Mops made of microfiber heads have a reputation for absorbing water. Also, they are very effective at attracting pet hair. That’s not all. They will not cause any scratches to your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mops Deal with Dog Hair on Furniture?

 Yes, it is okay to use mops to rid furniture of dog hair. However, if you must do this, ensure you do not use the same mop in cleaning other parts of your apartment.

Can Regular Mops be used in Cleaning Dog Hair?

All things being equal, regular mops cannot be effectively used in getting rid of dog hair. This is because all they really do is push the hair to one end of the room. Although the average mop cannot be used in ridding a room of dog hair, there are regular mops that you can actually rely on to get a room free from furs.

Since some mops can actually help rid a room of fur, before going on to make payment for any mop, take out time to read through the instructions that come with a regular mop.


Dog hair can lead to allergies. So, if you suffer from allergies in your home, you might want to ensure you have no dog fur lying around as this just might be the reason for the allergies that you are experiencing.

To deal with these allergies effectively, you can purchase any of the mops already mentioned in this article. 

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