Best Dog Food for Husky to Gain Weight and Bulk Up Fast

Best Dog Food for Husky to Gain Weight and Bulk Up Fast

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Huskies are a very active breed of dogs, therefore it is ideal that they maintain a proper and healthy weight with the best dog food for husky to gain weight.[wprm-recipe-snippet]

You have to be sure that there are no underlining health conditions in your dog. You can also visit a veterinarian to clear any doubts. When your dog has passed the health examination, then you can proceed to give him food to add weight.

So how do you know the recommended dog food for your husky to gain weight? That’s where we come in. This compilation provides you with a list of the best healthy dog food to help your husky gain weight. This will help you make a good choice for your husky with less complexity or confusion.

Best Dog Food for Husky to Gain Weight

Best dog food for Husky to gain weight

These selections are made based on what other people have tested and that we’ve fed our Siberian to make sure develop healthily. Below are recommended dog food for your Husky:

1. Purina One True Instinct High Protein

Purina One Trust Instinct High Protein is the best overall best dog food in the market. It has a high concentration of protein (33%), and a moderate fat of 16%, which is just the right amount of fat that your dog needs to add weight healthily.

While its main ingredient is beef, chicken and salmon are also part of its ingredients. It contains 359 kcal per cup. However, Purina One may not be suitable for dogs that are sensitive to chicken due to the chicken content of the food. It contains kibbles and bits of meat to increase the palatability of the food.

It contains glucosamine to help your dog with mobility and prevent joint problems. It boosts your husky’s overall health such as heart, energy levels, metabolism, and so on. The only downside to this food is that it contains chicken which may not be suitable for all dogs.

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  • Many sources of protein
  • Promotes metabolic and immunological health
  • The protein content of 32%
  • Fat content is moderate
  • Meaty bits make food more delicious
  • Glucosamine-rich food supply


  • Chicken is a part of the meal


2. Country Vet Naturals 30/20 Active Athlete

The best dog food for Huskies to gain weight is Country Vet Naturals 30/20 Active Athlete since it is high in protein and calories while being low in fat. This makes it the perfect food for dogs that need to put on weight but don’t want to eat a lot of fat. A high-fat diet can cause health issues in dogs, just like it can in people, therefore it should only be used under physician supervision.

The major selling point of Country Vet Naturals is probiotics. Country Vet Naturals uses certain probiotics to assist your dog’s digestion and maximize nutrient absorption from the diet. For a portion of dry dog food, the calorie count of 430 kcal/cup is rather high. You still need to introduce your dog to this food even if it is intended to be digestible in order to prevent stomach distress.


  • High protein and calorie intake
  • Affordable


  • Contains certain components of mediocre grades.

3. Iams Protective Health Active

Iams Protective Health Active dog food gives you value for your money. Like Purina One, its major ingredients consist of meat. Its protein content is 30%, 18% fat, and 418 kcal per cup. It is highly rich in the nutrients necessary for your dog to gain weight, yet budget-friendly.

This makes it a good choice for husky owners who wants the best for their husky on a slim budget. This food is packed with eggs, chicken, and turkey, making it a meal protein-dense meal. It also contains chicken which may be not suitable for highly chicken-sensitive huskies.

It contains L-Carnitine which supports energy levels and a healthy metabolism. It also contains essential minerals that help your dogs maintain healthy joints and bones.


  • Top value
  • High protein content of 30%
  • A good and moderate amount of fat
  • Many sources of protein
  • L-carnitine is a good source that can help with energy levels and fat metabolism.
    Promotes bone health and maintained energy levels


  • Includes chicken

4. Orijen Six Fish

This dog food is made from a blend of various fishes such as mackerel, herring, monkfish, Acadian redfish, hake, and other fishes. It contains 38% of protein, 18% of fat, and 468 kcal per cup. The main ingredient, however, is the whole mackerel. It contains omega fatty acids which are good for a dog’s heart, joints, skin, coat, and brain health.

Orijen Six Fish contains probiotics that support your dog’s digestive system. In addition, this food does not contain the allergens contained in the other two like beef and chicken, therefore it is suitable for all dogs. The kibbles are covered in freeze-dried raw food to make them more palatable.

The two downsides to this product are that it is non-grain dog food, and the high price may not be so friendly.


  • Deboned lamb, deboned hog, and flounder are the main components.
  • Content in proteins: 38%
  • Fat percentage: 17%
  • Calories per cup: 427


  • High protein and calorie intake
  • Ingredients of high calibre


  • Expensive

5. Eukanuba Premium Performance Puppy

This food contains a good amount of DHA, which is a fatty acid that is essential for brain development in husky puppies. It contains the right amount of antioxidant complex. Antioxidant supports your dog’s immune system by fighting free radical damage, as well as coat and skin problems. In addition, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin which helps in the growth and development of joints.

While Eukanuba Premium Performance Puppy is the best pick for puppy huskies, contains chicken. Therefore watch out for chicken-sensitive puppies as may not like it. Overall, it is the best pick for husky puppies.

While many dog owners believe that chicken by-product is not healthy for their dogs, it is actually a rich source of protein.


This dog food contains 28% protein, 18% of fat, and 360 kcal per cup. It does use chicken by-products as its main protein source.


  • High protein and calorie intake
  • Made with huge breeds in mind


  • Expensive

6. Farmina M&D Ocean

It is highly recommended by veterinarians because it does not contain common protein allergens. It is wholesome and also a good source of nutrient-dense grains that are good for maintaining healthy energy levels in dogs.

Farmina M&D Ocean low is glycemia, which means that it will not increase blood sugar level. This is good for all dogs, especially diabetic dogs. However, you should consult your vet for proper education before administering. The vitamins in this food are specially coated so that its nutritional contents will not be lost during cooking.


This dog feed contains 30% protein, 18% fat content, and 400 kcal per cup. It contains a moderate amount of fat and omega fatty acids.


  • Veterinarian-approved fare
  • Protein content of 30%
  • Excellent source of omega fatty acids with moderate fat content
  • Not containing common protein allergens
  • Low glycemic and supports a healthy energy level


  • premium cost

7. Victor Purpose Nutra Pro

Victor Purpose Nutra Pro is ideal for puppies, pregnant dogs, and nursing female dogs, and also a good weight-gain food.

It contains gluten-free grains that support healthy energy levels in active huskies. The VPRO blend in this food helps support your dog’s digestive and immune system activities. It also contains a good amount of omega fatty acids and it is loaded with adequate vitamins and minerals for the overall health of your husky.

This food is a good source of iron. However, you may notice that your dog’s stool becomes dark, and some discoloration around the mouth in lighter dogs during use. It contains chicken, which is another thumbs-down for dogs that have chicken sensitivity.


  • 38% protein content
  • Fat content 18%
  • 401 kilocalories per cup


  • Created with pups, expectant, and nursing dogs in mind
  • 38% of it is protein.
  • Gluten-free cereals with a moderate fat content promote appropriate energy levels.
  • VPRO Blend promotes immunity and digestion.
  • A good supply of iron and omega fatty acids


  • Includes chicken
  • May result in mouth discolouration and darkening of stools.

Guide for picking the best dog food for Huskies to gain weight

Things to consider when you’re looking for the right weight-gain dog food for your needs include:


When looking for weight gain dog food for Husky, pay attention to the calorie content. The higher the calorie content, the more likely it is that your dog will gain weight.

A healthy 10-pound Husky with an average activity level needs about 350 calories daily to maintain weight. Note that this amount is an estimate and your dog’s calorie intake should be according to the dog’s needs.


Protein is a must-have diet for a Husky who wants to gain weight. Buy food with a high protein content to help your dog bulk up.


Fat is also an important nutrient for Husky trying to add weight. Make sure not to pick a food with too high fat to avoid health problems along the line.


What makes your husky gain weight are essential nutrients which should be introduced in their meal. These include protein, fat, and calorie. This is after verifying that they are free of any underlining health issues which may be responsible for their weight loss.

The only way you can be sure that there are no health issues is by visiting the veterinarian. They can also help educate you on how much quantity of each nutrient is too little, enough, or too much.

Fat is good but since it is calorie-dense, may lead to medical issues in some dogs. Protein is the most important in your dog’s meal because it helps them build muscles. They also support healthy metabolic activity and help your dog recover from exercise. Therefore, be sure that your husky’s meal contains a good amount of these essential nutrients to help him gain weight.

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