Top 5 Best Dog Food Bowls for English Bulldogs (Expert Review + Buyer’s Guide)

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Looking for the best dog food bowls for English bulldogs? If yes, then this article is for you.

As a veterinarian who’s also a breeder of English bulldogs with years of breeding, not just the English bulldog, other dog breeds, I’ve tried lots of dog food bowls.

In this article, I shall be listing out the best dog food bowls for English bulldogs.

Types of dog bowls for English Bulldogs

While most dishes come in a traditional shape, you will discover some unusual designs available once you start looking for the best bowls for English Bulldogs.

Among these are the slow feeders. These are a terrific option for English Bulldogs that tend to gulp their food.

1. Plastic Bowls – If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive water bowl that gets the job done, a plastic dog bowl is the one to go for.- Just look out for one that suits your dog.

Plastic bowls are usually fairly lightweight so if you’ve got a voracious eater he might push the bowl around the floor or knock it over.

Note that plastic can scratch easily and those scratches can accommodate bacteria.

Ensure that you clean your dog’s water bowl after each use and also discard the bowl if it becomes damaged or scratched.

2. Stainless Steel Bowls – This is a better option than the plastic bowl. Known for their durability – they are very unlikely to break if dropped. Stainless steel dog bowls come in a variety of sizes and they also tend to be fairly lightweight and affordable.

If you want to get one, ensure that it has a non-skid bottom that helps to prevent the bowl from sliding across the floor or tipping over. Stainless steel bowl is very easy to clean and it doesn’t accommodate bacteria.

3. Ceramic Bowls – If you don’t like the look of stainless steel or plastic, then ceramic dog bowls are another option for you.

Ceramic dog bowls are made of a much heavier material than plastic or stainless steel bowls.

You probably do not have to worry about your dog pushing the bowl around, you have to be very careful as it may break if you dropped.

4. Automatic Bowls – If you let your dog roam, feed, and drink freely, then you might want to consider getting an automatic dog bowl.- Some are made of programmable electrical components, and the simpler models are made of containers that spill out into a plastic, ceramic or metal bowl – as your dog eats, or drink more food or water spills out to refill the container.

5. Raised Dog – If you have a large-breed dog, you might want to think about buying him a raised dog bowl so he doesn’t strain his neck by bending down to eat. Raised dog bowls come in a variety of different forms, though most of them consist of some kind of stand with removable stainless steel or plastic bowls.

When shopping for a raised dog bowl, make sure to pick a model that won’t tip over if your dog is an enthusiastic eater and make sure that the entire thing is easy to clean.

You might even think about a raised dog bowl that incorporates a dog food storage container as the stand so you can get two dog food supplies for the price of one.

6. Slow-Feeder Bowls – This bowl is designed to reduce the way fast eaters wolf down their foods in few seconds.

Eating too quickly can be dangerous for dogs – especially for larger dog breeds that are prone to bloat.

To curb or stop this, you need a slow-feed dog bowl as it’s designed to stop your dog from eating large quantities of food at once.

7. Portable Bowls- 

This bowl can be carried about for walks, training, etc.

8. Double feeder Bowls – Designed with two bowls formed into one design. They are usually low to the ground which is wonderful for a Boston Terriers height. Also, they are usually quite heavy to avoid skidding across the floor.

Best Dog Food Bowls for English Bulldogs

Below are the best dog food bowls for English bulldogs. Each and every bowl on my list has been tested and is trusted by renowned vets, breeders of English bulldogs and pet owners.

To stay healthy and have all their organs function well, dogs need a lot of water. In the absence of the right amount of water in their body system, dogs might not have the right level of blood circulation and this could lead to unwanted ailments.

Best Dog Food Bowls for English Bulldogs

Lots of pet owners erroneously assume that when left alone, their dogs will take in all the water that their body system needs to work. This notion might be widespread. However, it is not true. As a dog owner, if you want your dog to stay hydrated at all times, you will need to ensure there is a water bowl placed close to it all the time. However, beyond just having a water bowl positioned to the part of the house your dog spends the most time, if you have multiple dogs, you will need to get a water bowl that can meet the needs of multiple dogs at once.

There are several water bowl brands in the market and this might make it difficult for a dog owner to buy the right water bowl for multiple dogs. We are aware of this fact. So, we have put together some of the best water bowls for multiple dogs. They are;


1. JWPC Bulldog Bowl Anti-Slip Dog

This JWPC bulldog bowl is so nice. I got a boy whose previous owners used to feed them on a small ceramic plate from our set; the salad plates were a good size. But the sound of anything on the plate scared him.

If you clinked the two plates together, he would not eat alone. I always had to sit with him and show him that the sound of the kibble was nothing to be afraid of.

I switched to a plastic bowl and then he didn’t want to put his nose in there.

Then I got this bowl. THIS BOWL IS JUST PERFECT FOR HIM.- Having the ability to tilt it and spin it around is great.

My boy can now lick the sides without feeling trapped and it does not make any noise. I really like being able to leave the holder in place and just wash the part they eat from. There is a slight learning curve for the humans to figure out which side of the bowl should face your dog, but having options is really nice. Now he can keep his collar on and the tag hitting the bowl won’t scare him either.

The quirky little guy can finally eat!

Features of this Bowl


  • It features a top-grade silicone base
  • It has a silicone base
  • Well manufactured with top-quality Rubber,
  • Super safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable in use.
  • Considerate Design
  • An adjustable base height that allows your bulldog to eat food with maximum comfort and handiness.
  • A special raised bowl that prevents food and drinks from spilling by the food falling towards the centre
  • Very durable and easy to use dog bowl made of a high-quality resin material that is 100% safe and eco-friendly for your pets with zero toxic material.
  • The base of the bowl is full of elasticity, anti-slip and firmly placed. You don’t have to worry about wastage of food for its special design.
  • It can be used in so many types of small cats and dogs especially once with flat faces such as English bulldogs, French bulldogs and pug dogs.
  • It is divided into two parts. food bowl and the bottom base


  • It can be washed easily
  • It is safe
  • It saves you time


  • This bowl was specially made for the bulldog breed and could cause trouble between your different pets.


This water bowl is not guaranteed to keep your home from looking messy. So, you might have to clean around occasionally.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon. They are very affordable on Amazon.


2. Super Design Stainless Steel Water Food Bowls

This product can serve as a water bowl or a food bowl. So, regardless of what you need in a bowl, you can count on this bowl set. It was built to work with messy pets. It goes a long way to help your dogs drink more neatly, indirectly keeping you free from the stress of having to clean each time your dog drinks or eats.

Features of this Bowl

  • It comes with a no-spill feature
  • It features a raised edge
  • It is made of silicon
  • It measures 13.78 by 7.09 b 1.57 inches


  • Cleaning is easy
  • It is sturdy
  • It works well for messy drinkers.


  • It cannot be put in a microwave.

Verdict: This bowl is more than just a bowl for serving water. However, it can also serve as a bowl for feeding

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon. They are very affordable on Amazon.


3. Kimpets 3 Elevated Dog Cat Bowls

This water bowl is detachable and was designed to be used in serving water and food. It is elevated and is made of stainless steel.

When you own this product, you are free to make a choice out of three modes. These modes are parallel mode, three-bowls mode, and corner mode. When you are looking to position these bowls against the wall, you will be better off making use of parallel mode. Also, the corner mode is great if you are more comfortable with placing the bowls in a corner.

These bowls are large and have a capacity of 63.5 oz. That’s not all. This water bowl makes use of the siphon principle which comes in handy in refilling water automatically. This process ensures that the water level is stable.

This set of water bowls for multiple dogs were designed with pet safety in mind. The implication of this is you will not have to worry about the safety of your dogs as they drink. Furthermore, beyond simply being great for several dogs, this set of water bowls can be cleaned really easily. Additionally, they come with a non-slip bottom. That’s not all. The Kimpets 3 elevated dog cat bowls have a filter system that ensures hair, dirt, and dust do not get into your pets’ water.


  • It has a non-slip bottom
  • It weighs 2.94 pounds
  • It measures 13.39 by 7.28 by 6.73 inches


  • It is easy to clan
  • Assembling is very easy
  • It is sturdy
  • Disassembling it is not difficult.


  • The bowl cannot survive a dog bite.

Verdict: This set of dog bowls are very easy to maintain. However, they are not exactly affordable.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon. They are very affordable on Amazon.


4. HXN Double Dog Cat Bowls

The Double dog cat bowls comes with a set of bowls that were designed to dispense water automatically. They have a non-slip feature and were designed to ensure your pets do not create a mess as they drink. With the isolated edge of these bowls, your floor will always be clean as your pets drink.

The automatic water dispenser that comes with this bowl does not dispense water very rapidly. This way, it is able to prolong the Intervals between refills. This feature is ideal for dog owners that have very busy schedules.

The Double dog cat bowl has a floating disk that ensures pets do not get their mouth hairs wet while drinking. Furthermore, it has a detachable design that ensures cleaning is very easy.


  • It features a floating disk
  • It features an automatic water dispenser
  • It measures 11.8 by 5.9 by 8.2 inches
  • It weighs 13.1 ounces


  • It is sturdy
  • It can be used very easily
  • Cleaning is not difficult


  • It does not always provide value for money.

Verdict: This product is ideal for pet owners that have very busy schedules.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon. They are very affordable on Amazon.


5. Roysili Double Dog Bowl Pet Feeding Station

From its name, it is quite obvious what the Roysili double dog bowl pet feeding station was designed to meet the needs of pet owners that have more than one dog and intend to feed them simultaneously. This product works well for puppies, cats, small dogs, and medium dogs.

This water bowl for dogs comes with a very large base that is made from silicone. Due to the presence of this large base, issues of the bowl sliding around the room while your dogs drink water will never come up. That’s not all. It is BPA free and absolutely lead-free. Furthermore, it is made from a blend of stainless steel and safe silicone. Due to this, you will not need to worry about any form of poisoning while your dog drinks.

The Roysili double dog bowl pet feeding station can be cleaned easily. Also, if you do not want to hand-clean it, you can make use of a dishwasher as it is totally dishwasher safe. This is in addition to the fact that you can make a choice from three different sizes. The fact that you can choose from three different sizes means you will always have a size that is ideal for your dog.


  • It features a silicone base design
  • It is BP free
  • It is spill-proof
  • It has a skid-proof feature.


  • Cleaning it is easy
  • It is durable
  • It offers value for money
  • It is lightweight


  • You could end up with the wrong size if you are not careful.

Verdict: This product was designed to be used by dogs of different sizes. This means regardless of the size of your dog, you can enjoy what it has to offer.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this bowl is from Amazon. They are very affordable on Amazon.



Buyer’s Guide for the Best Dog Food Bowls for English Bulldogs

Being well-armed with knowledge of the best water bowls for multiple dogs can go a long way in helping you make the right choice when shopping for a water bowl for your dog. However, you could make a mistake if the best water bowls are all you know. There is a lot more.

Below is a guide that will help you make the right choice when shopping for a water bowl for multiple dogs.

Understand the Workings of Whatever Water Bowl you will Buy

There are various water bowls for multiple dogs. While some of them can be used without electricity, it will be impossible to use others if you do not have a source of electricity close by. Simply beyond the fact that some water bowls need electricity to function, most of them actually cannot function in the absence of electricity.

The implication of this is you will need to get comfortable with plugging an electric device in your home all day both when you are in the house and when you are out of the house. However, if you cannot deal with having an electric device plugged in your house all day, you might have to settle for a dog water bowl that makes use of gravity

Look Out for Adjustable Flow

One thing you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a water bowl for multiple dogs is adjustable flow. This is a feature that does not come with some water bowls and makes them easy to use. Generally, water bowls that have this feature come with a knob that is used in adjusting the water flow. This might not be important to every dog. However, dogs that seem comfortable when water is at a certain level will benefit a lot from this feature. In addition to coming in handy in helping adjust the flow of water, this feature can also be used in altering the speed of the water.

Look Out for Elevation

Dogs with arthritis might struggle to drink from water bowls that are very close to the ground. This struggle is not something dog owners that do not have arthritic dogs will understand. However, if your dog is arthritic, you will need to consider buying a water bowl that is elevated. When you do this, your dog will not need to bend before it is able to have a satisfying drink.

Ease of Cleaning

Water bowls can be difficult to clean and this could be a major challenge as it is important to clean your water bowls regularly. That’s not all. Some water bowls have to be cleaned more regularly than others. If you end up with a water bowl that should be cleaned regularly but struggle to clean it, you might end up going through a struggle that was never meant to be. So, to avoid going through unnecessary struggles, you should select a water bowl that is easy to clean over one that might not be so easy to clean.


Different water bowls vary by their capacity and this is a point you have to consider strongly before settling for one. Since you are buying a water bowl for multiple dogs, you will need to buy one that has a large capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What quantity of water do dogs need?

All things being equal, you should give your dog an ounce of water for each pound of its weight if it is not very active. This should increase with an increase in the activity of your dog. That’s not all. If you have puppies, you will need to give them more water than dogs. This might seem strange. However, it is the way dogs function. A major reason for this might be because puppies are a lot more active than grown dogs. Beyond helping dogs stay healthy, the right quantity of water helps with digestion.

How Do I Make My Dog Drink More Water

One easy way to make your dog drink more water is by ensuring that its water source always stays fresh. Additionally, you should give it more opportunities to drink water. This means placing its water bowl in strategic locations.

What Does My Dog Stand to Benefit from Taking Water Frequently?

There is a lot the average dog can gain from drinking water regularly. When dogs drink water as frequently as they should, they will be generally healthy. This is in addition to the fact that they will not have to deal with dehydration. Furthermore, when dogs drink water regularly, they will be able to avoid issues with their kidneys and liver. This is because the right amount of water comes in handy in ridding your dog’s organs of toxins. Also, issues with the liver can be avoided easily when your dog takes in ample water.

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