Are Kong Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

Are Kong Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

If you’re one of those asking the question – Are Kong chew toys safe for dogs? This article has all the information you need.

Dogs and chewing are two inseparable terms or concepts; these pets are made to be chewing and working on things at all times.

Chewing is like a fun activity for dogs; it helps them stay active while fighting boredom and frustration; Young puppies who are teething need to chew objects at all times to reduce the pain and keep their jaws strong. 

Some dogs develop behavior issues and problems when they do not have any physical activity that allows them to explore and exercise.

One way to keep your dog’s teeth busy is to give them chew toys. We must emphasize the importance of these toys as they prevent these pets from chewing and destroying pieces of furniture.

 You can get many toys for your furry friend, including the Kong chew toy. Kong chew toys are recommended for dogs, but the question is if these toys are safe for dogs. This article will answer this question and more.

What Are Kong Chew Toys?

Kong chew toys are rubber toys with a hollow shape like a snowman; these toys have open centers that allow dog owners to stuff foods and treats for dogs. These holes can be on either the toy’s end or the sides. 

To get out the food or treats, your dog must lick, shake, roll, or even paw the kong chew toy. One thing this activity does for dogs is that it allows them to scavenge and work for their food while they have fun and release boredom. 

Scavenging and working on food or treats means kong toys can be used as two things – chew toys and puzzle toys.

There are many sizes of kong chew toys depending on the category of chewer your dog belongs to. These sizes are:

  • Kong puppy toys are used by puppies going through the teething period; the toy is made with the softest rubber. It is not recommended for adult dogs.
  • Kong senior toys are made for aging dogs; the toy is made with soft rubber but not as soft as kong puppy toys. A kong senior is recommended if your dog is a gentle chewer.
  • Kong classic toys are designed to be used by adult dogs. The material used in making the chew toys is strong and durable rubber. 
  • Kong extreme toys, from the name, you can deduce that they are meant for aggressive chewers. The material is made from hard rubber that can last longer, no matter the chewer.

Are Kong Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

Kong chew toys are safe for dogs and are recommended to dog owners. We come to this conclusion based on the following reasons:

  • Texture

Kong chew toys are made with different rubber textures depending on the type of chewer the dog is classified under. From the softest to the most rigid rubber, Kong chew toys are safe for your pet’s teeth and can also last for extended periods. It is unlikely for your dog to rip them into pieces unless its chewing abilities are on the extreme. 

The rubber makes it easier for your dog’s teeth to work on the chew toys without breakage or fracture. You would not want your dog to have a toy that will take it to the vet. If you want a chew toy that is soft yet durable, a Kong chew toy is your best bet.

  • Simple Design

Kong chew toys are designed to look like a snowman with three different sizes of balls on top of each other. The center is hollow, allowing you – the dog owner, to stuff food and dog treats. 

This silhouette design makes it easier for your dog to grip the toy firmly, while the circular shape helps your dog roll, paw, and lick the toy to get the treat. 

Unlike some puzzle toys with bells and whistles inside that can pose a risk of swallowing, Kong chew toys do not have any bell or whistle but a perfect design. 

The manufacturer of the Kong chew toys made them come in different sizes to meet the needs of different sizes of dogs. A puppy will not use the same size of chew toys as an adult dog. 

  • Entertainment Purpose

One fantastic feature of Kong chew toys is the hollow centers for stuffing food and treats, providing entertainment value for your dog. 

You can load these toys with goodies and allow your dog to work on them while you carry on with other activities. On days when your furry pet is irritated or does not want to nap, you can use Kong chew toys to keep it busy. 

One great use of Kong chew toys, apart from keeping the jaws and teeth busy, is that you can use them for training your dog mentally. You can put many foods and treats inside to get your dog’s attention.

  • Easy to Clean

One competitive edge Kong chew toys have over other chew toys is washability; it makes them safe to be used by dogs without accumulating first bacteria. 

As your dog chews on these toys, they can roll them on the floor, getting them dirty and gross with saliva; it will be easier for germs and dirt to stick to them. As you know, when your dog’s chew toy is dirty, it will be easier for the germs to be introduced into their body, resulting in sickness. 

With Kong chew toys, you can easily wash the exterior as they are made with rubber. For the insides, a dishwasher can do the job of cleaning them up and sanitizing them.

However, not all Kong chew toys are safe for dogs due to the following reasons:

  • Chemicals Used in Manufacturing the Toys

Kong chew toys are made of rubber, and some rubber is made with toxic chemicals that harm the animals. The coatings of these toys can be chemicals potentially dangerous to pets.

Another issue may be allergic reactions. Dogs can become allergic to toys made with certain chemicals. Allergies may not start from birth, but constant exposure to their toys can cause reactions like sneezing, hives, rashes, itching, cough, and other respiratory problems.

  • Swallowing and Chunking of Toy Pieces

Constant chewing on Kong chew toys can cause some parts to dislodge and fall out, and your dog can swallow these pieces and choke. Dogs have strong, sharp teeth that can bite off hard toys depending on the strength of the bite. 

The fear of biting off and swallowing hard toys means you have to supervise your dog while it uses Kong chew toys to avoid complications. It would be best if you did not leave your dog with a chew toy for a long time without supervision.


Having a dog means you should provide chew toys for it. In the absence of chew toys, dogs likely chew pieces of furniture and other objects around them. There are many chew toys available in the market, and Kong chew toys are one of them. 

Most people ask if these toys are safe for dogs; the answer is yes. They can act as chew and puzzle toys; you can put food and treats inside the hollow while your dog works on them.

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