Are Huskies Good for First Time Owners or Difficult to Own?

Are Huskies Good for First Time Owners or Difficult to Own?

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Are huskies good for first time owners? Huskies are an excellent dog breed to own. Choosing to own one is a remarkable feat. It has a wolf-like face, is very playful, and is an extra friendly pup to own. However, owning a Husky takes work, as there are basic things you need to consider.

You will have to understand some basic things about Huskies. Firstly, they are playful but very stubborn. Also, they are very difficult to train and require lots of exercise time.

Keeping the above in mind will help you determine answers to the question: are huskies easy pets to own? Besides the listed categories, huskies require special attention to diets, as they won’t eat just about anything you give them.

First-time Husky puppy owners will learn that this beautiful breed has a lovely spirit. To delve deeply into the essence of the article, let’s examine all you have to know about the breed as a first-time owner.

Are huskies good for first time owners

Are Huskies good for first time owners?

For first timers, Huskies can be difficult to own—they are high-energy dogs and need not be taken on lightly. You’ll put in lots of work as an owner to manage your Husky. Huskies also love to run and play and spend time with people. These are athletic and intelligent dog breeds that need your time and space to make wonderful pets.

1. Require high training

This dog breed has a dynamic nature, which makes it difficult to train easily. For first-time husky pup owners with little dog experience, this would be tricky and difficult as you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the training requirements for a husky breed.

2. Authoritarian in nature

Are huskies easy pets? Yes, they are easygoing but quite demanding and authoritative. These continuous demands would make the experience quite unpleasant for inexperienced owners. When boundaries are not set at the beginning, owners will get suppressed by their needs.

3. Diet needs

The husky breed may tend to eat less food, but their focus is on quality, not quantity. Purchasing top-quality food for your canine can sometimes put a dent in your pocket. This extra cost might come as an awakening for first-time owners.

4. Long activity time

Huskies have long daily activity hours. This usually lasts between 3 to 4 hours a day. For new owners with a difficult schedule, this might be too much. Is owning a husky very difficult? Wait as we will answer this question soon.

5. Emotional pups

Huskies are very attached to their owners. They require spending extra time with owners to deepen their bonds. Without quality time, they get anxious around owners. This can prompt them to run away from their owners.

6. Heavy shedders

These pups tend to shed heavily and all year round. Their downy coat helps to keep them warm through the winter season and would need to be renewed. It is ideal to regularly brush their hair daily or a couple of times weekly. Your home could be filled with your pet’s shed hair during summer. – something most new owners are not prepared to cope with.

Do Huskies get attached to their owners?

Huskies are a very expressive dog breed. This canine companion is very social and does not do well when allowed to be alone for extended periods. While they are usually referred to as wild and strong breeds, they are mostly cute and warm. They enjoy the company of owners and family members, including children.

To answer the initial question, these fur babies can get very attached to their owners. It is why owners are advised to spend time with their huskies regularly. Some might differ in showing affection by being reserved and quiet. But they will usually sit beside their owners. They are also known to be very protective, intelligent, and loyal.

Huskies and children

Children, based on their ages, have different dog needs. Research shows that dog breeds are good for younger children but may not necessarily be it for older children. However, it is highly recommended not to leave any child with a dog unsupervised.

Huskies, however, are a good fit for children. They keep up with the company of kids, as both pups and kids have a penchant for enjoying fun times. You should ensure that kids treat their dogs rightly to avoid bad situations.

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Is owning a husky difficult?

Huskies are considered high-maintenance poochies, requiring plenty of training, consistent grooming, and lots of attention. They may possess a calm and loveable demeanor. However, training them is stressful. They are known to challenge their trainers, but to succeed, you will have to show strength and leadership during the process.

Training huskies requires an understanding of their temperaments, which should be kept in mind in all training scenarios. There are certain things to know when training your husky pet. They include:

  • Establish yourself as a strong leader.
  • Give a reward for proper behavior.
  • Discipline must be executed in a friendly manner.
  • Ensure you develop excellent communication with your husky.
  • Make a training plan and be consistent.
  • Ensure you establish and implement training program rules.
  • Besides playing, ensure your pup gets regular daily exercise for at least 30 minutes.
  • Do not take your husky everywhere.
  • Ensure you begin with simple training techniques for your husky. This will help it let go of behavioral challenges and build a strong bond. This process takes time and will require a lot of patience from owners and trainers.

Training a husky: when to start

Training a husky should begin when they are eight months old. They are an intelligent breed and learn very quickly. It is, however, important to keep training sessions fun and interesting.

Huskies are coochies that can sometimes be naughty, appearing to understand the instructions but disobeying anyway.

Keeping the training sessions fun and interesting will help you succeed faster in training. Though they would be easily distracted, they would learn faster in an atmosphere of fun. Also, follow a set routine when training your pet. This will prevent accidents and keep your canine companion healthy while building a strong owner-pet relationship.


Huskies are an excellent dog breed to have as a pet and companion. But their little excesses, as explained in detail in this article, makes them difficult pet to own by first-timers.

First-time pet owners need to get experience with pets requiring less maintenance and attention before owning a husky. However, if you still decide to own one, this article is a great guide to help you along the journey. By reading this article again, you will be mentally prepared to deal with whatever challenges husky presents. So with all you have read, are huskies good for first-time owners? What’s your take?

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